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Times have changed

By 25/04/2014May 31st, 2017No Comments


How many times have you gotten frustrated with an elder because they didn’t understand how to use the search box in FaceBook to find you or because they “liked” every picture you ever posted on FaceBook in one night and your notifications exploded!?

As frustrating as it can be, we must remember that these people were born in a time that colour TV didn’t exist yet. No mobile phones. No texting. No instant messages back and forth.

I remember posting a letter and waiting like 2 weeks for it to arrive or longer for a response. It’s crazy to think those days are behind us and amazing to think what is now possible and what is yet to come.

Point: be patient with your friends, elders, grandparents and parents, some of them were born in like 1930 !!! How insane is that!?!?! They have seen so much transformation and change in their lives, it’s mind blowing! Respect that. And have a little giggle about stuff because it doesn’t actually matter at all.