Ways To Work With Me

If you want to work with me on a one to one basis, I have three options for you to choose from and some examples of people who have worked with me before.

Private Classes for Personal Learning

– Maria from Italy requested a two day intensive to learn raw chocolate and cakes. She was just doing it for fun and because she loved it so much, she’s now in the process of starting her own raw business in Italy.

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– Gemma wanted to host a fun chocolate making class for her daughter’s birthday as a special treat. She knew her daughter wanted to learn raw chocolate and they had a great mother-daughter day together.

– Martin wanted to make refined sugar free chocolate for his wife who recently discovered she was diabetic. He’d never worked with chocolate in any way before. His wife adored the treats he brought home that day and danced around the house with joy ( true story ).

Bespoke Courses for Food Professionals and New Start Ups

– A chef who trained professionally in traditional chocolate and dessert making wanted to learn how to make the same types of bonbons, truffles and filled chocolates but without the use of refined sugars, dairy and additives. He was very excited to learn how to make healthy chocolate and desserts for himself and to implement into his work.

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– Simon, a personal chef for a family in London, needed to learn how to create Michellin star quality chocolate and desserts without the use of traditional ingredients, such as wheat, gluten, dairy and refined sugars. What he learned in our time together blew his mind and the family he worked for.

– Troubleshooting problems: If you’re already working with raw chocolates and desserts, no doubt you’ll have problems you want answers to right away and that’s the beauty of bespoke classes. We can get it all covered. After the class, we can have support calls monthly to ensure everything is running smoothly and iron out any creases that up come.

Consulting Packages for Businesses

– John opened a cafe in London and wanted to have a stellar chocolate room, and for his traditionally trained French chocolatier to be trained in making healthy chocolates and desserts. We worked together 2 days per week for 3 months to train his chocolatier over time and keep the consistency of product, which is paramount.

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– Phoebe and Sophie came to work with me in London for 2 weekends to develop and hone some items for their already established small business in Bahrain. Later that year I spent 2 weeks with them in Bahrain developing their menu and business concepts. Fast forward 3 years and they have a bustling business in Bahrain, Raw Candy, that is currently expanding by double to accommodate their demand.

– Jackie from Dubai contacted me after taking my online raw chocolate making course as she was starting a chocolate and dessert business. After a week spent together in Dubai, she had a firm hold on the direction she wanted to go and her product line.

Whichever option suits you best, the first step is to book a call with me


Pick My Brain


10 Minute Call (Skype or Phone)

Ask me anything you’d like, from which live or online course would suit you best, problems you’re facing in the kitchen or business related help.

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In-Depth Support Call


30 Minute Call (Skype or Phone)

These are more structured and detailed calls. If you have a business and want to discuss a particular product, want to begin working on a new product or need direction/trouble shooting, or anything else you need support with.

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Snag a free recipe every week

Each week I send out a free recipe, usually accompanied by a video. This is a great way to get an introduction to my work before you commit to a live or online course.