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D.C Duby….A source of great inspiration

By 13/02/2014No Comments


Chad Sarno, my mentor for a few years and, now, a very good friend, introduced me to the work of D.C Duby by way of their chocolate.

Chad and I were working together in Munich and he had to fly back to the USA for a few days, leaving me alone in Munich and at SAF to run the restaurant… Eeeek.

The least he could do was bring me back a little treat, right ? So, he brought me one of their chocolate bars and their book (pictured left)… I was bowled over before I even tried the chocolate, just the description of the bar alone had me hooked.

They are scientific about their flavours and textures, they have a lab that they work from… it’s all very Willy Wonka 2.0 Beta.

The combinations they come up with are based on scientifically testing flavour molecules and pairing them together. It’s similar to Heston Blumenthal in that it’s molecular gastronomy, but for chocolate, amazing !

Their book (pictured above) is lovely ! The photos are brilliant and very inspiring. I always tell my students not to limit themselves to raw food books for inspiration; anything cooked can be adapted to be made raw, it just takes practice, time and patience.


Check out their site in full, but click here for a full explanation of their bean to bar procedure of processing their chocolate, it’s fascinating.