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Gingerbread Filled Chocolate Bars

These Gingerbread Filled Chocolate Bars are so delicious. You’ll need to make a few things before you can start on these. The first thing is Blonde Chocolate, which we use in the filling of the bars. Click here for a comprehensive post on what blonde chocolate is and how to make it.

You could also buy some chocolate for this instead of making your own. You can also choose if you want to stick with the shades I have used, or perhaps use a milk or white chocolate instead.

The next thing you’ll need to make is my Gingerbread Granola.  The granola is blended into the blonde chocolate to create this delicious holiday spiced chocolate bar. 

If you’re new to working with chocolate, and have never shelled a mould before, then you’ll need to learn how to do that. Click here for a video on how to do that. You’ll see that I am using a half sphere mould, but this technique is the same regardless of the mould shape. 

To see the method for getting the inclusions to set so beautifully on the surface like you see in the photo above, check out this video I made on the process. You can apply it to any mould. 

Now that all of that has been sorted, we can get on with making these bars. I used two moulds for these. The break apart mould is linked below, but the other mould is no longer available. I have linked below a website with a lot of bar mould options to choose from. I’d recommend choosing one that has a 30g or so capacity. 

Gingerbread Chocolate Filled Bars

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Gingerbread Filled Chocolate Bars

Perfect for holiday gifts, these sweet and spiced gingerbread chocolate bars are delicious for the holiday's or any time of year.


  • 100g blonde chocolate at 42c
  • 80g gingerbread granola
  • 20g deodorised coconut oil
  • 8 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder optional
  • 1 tsp ginger powder optional
  • ¼ tsp allspice powder


Gingerbread Blonde Filling

  • Blend together all ingredients until very small pieces remain of the granola. Small enough that they will pipe easily.
  • I use a squeeze bottle with the top cut far down so the hole is about 5-7mm diameter. In that case, the bits can be about 2-3mm. If they are too big they will get stuck in the piping bag or squeeze bottle and cause problems.
  • If you'd like to add some freeze dried or dried fruits to the bars, you can add those into the mould first and then continue with the instructions below.
  • Bring the mixture to 29c before piping into the prepared shells. Leave 1-2mm of space for capping.
  • Allow the filling to set in the shells at room temp, about 20 mins, before capping.
  • Before capping, heat the top of the mould gently with a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the chocolate shell edges. This way the chocolate cap will adhere well and prevent cracking in the seams.
  • After capping, allow to set about 10 mins or so before twisting the mould gently and tapping out.
Rate This Recipe
4.20 from 5 votes

Gingerbread Chocolate Filled Bars

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