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Cookie Roundup

By 27/06/2018July 18th, 2018No Comments

As I write this post it’s 29c outside, full sun and not a cloud in the sky. It makes me think of all the lovely, happy people outside in parks having picnics until the sun goes down. (Things like that really happen, right? Or is this another situation where I watched too much TV as a kid and formed unrealistic ideas of the world?) Anyway, point being, this post is a cookie roundup! Why? Because cookies and a picnic have gotta go hand in hand, at least give me that in life.

If you’re short on time, the Sesame Charcoal Cookies will likely require the least amount of planning and effort, BUT all the cookies are bossssssssss. Believe that.

Let’s get this party started…. 

Pecan Turtle Sandies

Grasshopper Cookies 


Sesame Charcoal Biscuits with Sweet Ginger Ganache 


Mixed Berry Thumbprint Cookies 

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