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Salted Caramel Tart with Raspberry and Coffee

By 12/06/2018July 18th, 2018No Comments

Who says you can’t have some richness in your Summer tarts? Not this chick, that’s for sure. I kept this one on the Summer side by making a lovely, tart raspberry jam to cut through and bring balance to the rich layers of caramel, coffee texture and cream cheese frosting. This tart times some time and organisation, I won’t lie to you… Let’s not bring lies into our relationship, is what I say. But I got you. The recipe is listed in order of what you need to start first and the result is totally worth it for that Summer picnic, fairy lit dinner party or Netflix and chill eves with the kiddos. 

Raspberry Jam Layer
300g ( 3 cups ) frozen raspberries
75g ( ⅓ cup ) coconut sugar or xylitol
1 tbsp lemon juice
6 drops vanilla medicine flower extract or ¼ tsp vanilla powder


  • It’s best to use frozen fruit because as they thaw, they release their own juices and make for a much nicer jam consistency and flavour.

If using frozen berries:

  • Combine all ingredients in a suitably sized mixing bowl and massage the fruit so it breaks down a little.
    Put the entire bowl in the dehydrator, at the lowest temp setting, for 6 hours or until the mixture has reduced by ⅓.  

If using fresh berries

  • Combine all ingredients in a suitably sized mixing bowl
  • Using your hands, squeeze the fruit to release their natural juices, but leave them slightly in tact and chunky
  • Put the entire bowl in the dehydrator, at the lowest temp setting, for 8 hours or until the mixture has reduced by ⅓.
  • Use this jam in the prepared tart shell as outlined below.

Coffee Crunch Pastry Crust

100g ( 3.5 oz ) water
15g ( ⅛ cup ) cold pressed sesame or nut oil  
75g ( ¼ cup ) honey, runny and clear
75g ( ½ cup ) cashews, soaked 1 hr and rinsed

15g ( ¼ cup ) psyllium husk

45g ( ⅓ cup ) oat flour + more for rolling
60g ( ½ cup ) ground almonds
25g ( 1 ½ tbsp ) coconut flour
2 tbsp coffee beans, roughly ground


  • Blend the first set of ingredients until smooth.
  • Add the psyllium and pulse to incorporate.
  • Mix the last set of ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  • Add the contents of the blender and mix well with your hands until it comes together.
  • Form the mix into a ball and allow to rest 5 minutes to firm up.
  • Roll the dough out between two pieces of teflex or greaseproof paper, dust the dough with some oat flour if it sticks, to ¼ inch thickness.
  • Place the tin over the dough to be sure it’s large enough in diameter with a 1 inch overhang all the way around.
  • Line the tart tin with two strips of greaseproof paper in an X.
  • Place the round of dough inside the tin, press down gently and remove the excess around the rim.
  • Place on a mesh dehydrator tray and dry for 6-8 hours at 115f, release from the tin and carefully remove the paper.
  • Add the raspberry jam and dry further 6-8 hours or until the jam has reduced by ¼ and the crust is crisp and dry.
  • Remove from the dehydrator and allow to cool before adding the next layer.

Coffee Cream Cheese

Fermented Cashew
100g ( ¾ cup ) cashews, soaked
1 tsp probiotic powder
50g  ( ½ cup ) water, or just enough to blend


  • Blend  the cashews with the probiotic powder and just enough water to create a thick mixture.
  • Transfer to a mixing bowl, press cling film or greaseproof paper right down on top of the mixture so as to not form a crust on top and pop in a warm space for 12 – 24 hours.
  • The mixture should be aerated and slightly sour smelling when you check on it.

Salted Caramel
50g ( ¼ cup )  coconut oil, melted
35g ( 2 ½ tbsp ) cacao butter, melted
30g ( 2 tbsp ) lucuma powder
35g ( scant ¼ cup ) xylitol
35g ( scant ¼ cup ) coconut sugar

35g-45g ( ¼ – scant ½ cup )  warm water or milk of your choice

½ tsp sea salt flakes


  • In high speed blender combine all ingredients, except water, and blend on low speed just to combine.
  • With the blender running on low/medium, drizzle in the water/milk until you achieve a silky smooth caramel.
  • Add the salt and pulse to combine.

Coffee Cream Cheese
1 recipe cashew cheese (above)
75g ( ⅓ cup ) xylitol, powdered
15g ( 1 tbsp ) lemon juice
75g ( ⅓ cup ) coconut oil, melted
½ tsp vanilla extract or 4 drops vanilla medicine flower

1 tbsp coffee beans, roughly ground

Pinch sea salt  

8-10 drops coffee medicine flower extract ( optional )


  • Combine all ingredients, except ground coffee, in a food processor and blend until smooth.
  • If the mixture looks seized, allow it to run in the food processor for a few minutes or until it’s smooth and silky looking. Alternatively, melt it down over a double boiler.
  • Add the ground coffee beans and pulse to combine.
  • Once the caramel layer has set, pour this coffee cream cheese on top to finish the tart.
  • Pop it in the freezer for 1 hour to set. Cut into pieces and serve with fresh raspberries and a cup of coffee.


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