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Oatmeal Raisin Maple Cream Sandwiches

By 30/05/2016July 14th, 20182 Comments

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There’s something really special about cookie sandwiches. I’m not sure if it’s the simple complexity of them, or if it’s because they bring us back to our childhood—Oreo’s, Bourbons and Little Debbie’s spring to mind.

Eating cookies as a child was this slow, wonderful, awe-filled experience (well, sometimes it was just scoffing them down). Slowly twisting the top off the Oreo to see which side the filling was sticking to, scraping the cream against your teeth and dragging it off and then eating the cookie one at a time. One cookie would last, seemingly, forever! It was an experience. This was before we started using food to comfort us and, rather, a time when we had a snack with our friends after school or in the back of the school bus on the way home.

Food is the most incredible memory delivery system.

These cookies remind me of Little Debbie oatmeal raisin cookies. Not that those cookies tasted good. In fact, I remember them being insanely sweet, but it’s the memories they bring back that makes that cookie so wonderful and worth trying to replicate, but only to make it better!

200g ( 1 ½ cup ) oat flour
100g ( 1 cup ) rolled oats
100g ( ⅔ cup ) ground almonds
2g ( 1 tsp ) vanilla powder
pinch salt
⅛ tsp freshly grated nutmeg
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp psyllium powder

50g ( 4 tbsp ) cacao butter, melted
90g ( ¼ cup ) maple syrup or honey
80g ( ⅔ cup ) raisin soak water

25g ( ¼ cup ) raisins, soaked 4 hours
60g ( ⅔ cup ) activated pecans (soaked 8 hours, rinsed and dehydrated)


  • In a food processor blend the first set of ingredients just to combine.
  • Add the second set of ingredients and blend to bring the mix together. It’ll be rather wet, but the psyllium will make it firm up in about 5 minutes.
  • Before that happens, pulse through the pecans and raisins just to break down a little, but keep them chunky.
  • Dampen your hands and form the dough into rustic looking cookies.
  • Alternatively, you can wait for the dough to firm up a bit and roll it between two pieces of teflex. Then cut with a cookie cutter, but the rustic look is more of a “baked” cookie look.
  • Dehydrate on a mesh sheet for 4-8 hours or until dry and crisp on the outside and soft inside.
  • Allow to cool before adding the cream and making into sandwiches.

Maple Cream Filling

100g ( ½ cup ) coconut butter, melted
50g ( 2 ½ tbsp ) maple syrup
2g ( 1 tsp ) vanilla powder

150g ( ¾ cup ) warm water


  • Add the first set of ingredients into a Vitamix or a blender with a feed hole in the top.
  • With the blender running on low-medium speed, slowly drizzle in the warm water to emulsify.
  • Transfer to a container or bowl and set in the fridge just to firm, about 2 -4 hours.
  • Once set, pipe or spread the cream onto the back of a cookie and press another on top. Repeat with all cookies.
  • Set in the fridge and enjoy.
  • These will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for 5 days or in the freezer for a few months.


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