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Inspiring women who love chocolate

By 11/02/2014No Comments


The more I look into people around the world making chocolate, the more I am convinced we are all the same (chocolatiers, that is… and human beings)

There seems to be a common thread that runs through the language used around learning the art of chocolate, creating a business with chocolate and bringing chocolate to the masses; love, dedication, inspiration, self motivation and commitment.

Such powerful words and chocolate, it seems, is such a powerful food, and a powerful topic as well.

These ladies say a few things in this video that strike home for me and are words I find myself saying time and time again when I teach my live or online courses

“Do what you love and we love chocolate”
When you do what you love, you will succeed. Success is measured by your own terms, for me, success is being happy to do your work, to feel inspired by your work and to touch people with your work

” We experimented and learned as we went along”
Such a powerful and empowering way to start the learning process! It takes real courage to learn this way because it’s risky and it’s “unsafe” and unknown, but it will be the most powerful learning ever. I encourage my students to learn this way, by throwing caution to the wind and just playing. Doing this, has always rewarded me greatly!

” You will face many challenges and it’s up to you how you deal with it”
I couldn’t agree more! And this falls in line with the last comment, when you feel you have “failed” it’s just a learning experience. You only feel failure when you have expectation of yourself or others which are not fully met. Expectations are the root of all unhappiness in life. Do away with it. Just have fun and play. This will get you so much further, so much faster.

Right, that’s all from me. Check these ladies out…