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Whimsical, magical chocolatier

By 10/02/2014No Comments

imgresPaul A. Young is absolutely one of my most favourite chocolatiers; His chocolates are full of passion, integrity, magic and raw (not like un-cooked raw) talent. His connection to chocolate feels so familiar to me and the way I merge with chocolate, the way it moves me, touches me and inspires me.

Paul had this promotional video put together for his company and I just love it. It feels like a real glimpse into him and his business and into his intimate relationship with chocolate.

Something that seems to run as a constant common thread with all the chocolatiers I come across, and fall in love with, is that “chocolate found them”. I love this and it resonates so deeply for me.

Does it resonate for you ?

Enjoy this five minute video, it will leave you feeling uplifted and, most likely, craving some chocolate 🙂