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Cardamom Cake with Coconut, Mocha and Apricot

By 13/09/2016July 14th, 20188 Comments

Cooked or raw, layer cakes are a labour of love. When we’re making a raw layer cake, the freezer is like the oven, it sets the cake, and this can take time, depending on the temperature of your freezer and the temperature of the cake ingredients when placed into the freezer.

It’s best to make a raw layer cake when you’re around the house for a fair few hours and can periodically check on it and add layers. It’s an amazing finish to a meal with friends, a real show stopper when you slice through and reveal the various layers.

The flavour combination of this cake is another Flavor Bible creation on my part. You know how much I love that book! The cardamom cake is fragrant without being overpowering, it allows the cardamom to hover in the background while you taste the other flavours one by one — the coffee in the mocha frosting, coconut in the coconut cream and the fresh apricot, both in the cake itself, and the “sugar” poached apricots. All the flavours meld together seamlessly, not one overpowering the other, just perfect harmony.



  • You don’t need to make this a multi layered cake. You can make one cake layer and simply frost it with one of the icings — mocha or coconut.
  • If you wanted a fruitier cake, you could fold in some fresh chopped apricots into the cake layer itself. This will make it more moist and a little lighter.
  • It’s best to make this in the sequence of the recipes below. The mocha frosting needs to set firmly prior to using it to frost the cake. The coconut cream needs to be rather fluid to pour onto the first layer of cake. And the apricots can be done 10 minute prior to serving the cake.


Mocha Frosting

200g ( 1 ¼ cup ) cashews, soaked 1 -2 hours and drained
30g ( 2 tbsp ) lemon juice
1 tsp tamari
200g ( ⅔ cup ) brewed coffee
150g ( 1 ¼ cup ) coconut sugar
1 tsp vanilla powder or extract

100g ( ½ cup ) coconut oil, soft or melted
100g ( ½ cup ) cacao butter, melted


  • Process all ingredients in Vitamix until very smooth.
  • This mixture should be smooth and silky.
  • Place in the fridge to set while you make the remaining layers of the cake.

Coconut Cream

200g ( 1 cup ) coconut butter
50g ( scant ¼ cup ) xylitol

100g ( ½ cup ) warm water


  • In a blender combine the first set of ingredients and get it turning over in the blades.
  • With the blender running on low, slowly drizzle in the water until it goes smooth and creamy.
  • If you are making this ahead of time, and will need to re-melt it, simply do so by popping it on a double boiler and melting it down. Do not overheat or you may lose the emulsification and the oils will separate.
  • Set aside at room temp while you make the cake layer.

Cardamom Cake

100g ( 1 cup ) oat flour
100g (1 cup ) ground almonds
65g ( ½ cup ) rolled oats
50g ( ½ cup ) activated almonds – link on activated nuts
75g ( ¾ cup ) coconut sugar, powdered
½ tsp vanilla extract or powder
½ tsp cardamom powder

35g ( scant ¼ cup ) coconut oil, soft or melted
40g ( scant ¼ cup ) water, as needed to bring mix together


  • In the food processor, blend the first set of ingredients just to break down the almonds and oats into a rough crumble texture.


  • Add the liquids and pulse the mix until it comes together in the food processor, but it should not ball in the food processor.
  • Line a 6 inch springform tin with cling film/plastic wrap and press half the cake mix into the tin. I used ring moulds to make my mini cakes, so you could do that if you have the ring moulds. These are the ones I used.
  • Pour in coconut butter cream to form a ½ inch layer and then sprinkle chopped fresh apricots on top.
  • Tap the tin to remove air bubbles and settle the apricots into the cream.
  • Pop in the freezer and allow to set, about 30mins – 1 hour. The cream should be firm to the touch before adding the next layer.
  • Once the cream is firm to the touch, but not frozen through, add the other half of the cake mix.
  • Pop back in the freezer to set this layer, it should be firm to the touch before continuing. This takes about 1 hour.
  • Remove the cake from the tin you’re using and peel away the cling film.
  • Frost the cake with the mocha frosting using a small offset spatula. If the cream is too firm, or not spreading easily, place it in a glass of hot water, dry it off and then use it to frost the cake. The heat from the spatula will soften the cream and make it easier to spread evenly.

“Sugar” Poached Apricots

2 apricots, stones removed
1 tbsp coconut sugar


  • Cut the apricots into your desired shape. I cut mine into 4 wedges per half.
  • Place in a bowl with the sugar and mix to combine. As the apricots sit in the sugar, they’ll create a natural syrup.
  • Serve with the cake.


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