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Top 3 Meltaways

By 11/09/2019December 6th, 2019No Comments

It’s been a long time since I have posted any recipes. This summer was very busy and hot weather is not a good time to work with chocolate. However, I’m starting back in the kitchen and doing some exciting experiments that I will share with you in the coming weeks. At this time, I want to give you a direct line to my Top 3 Meltaways on my site. Meltaways are made using an emulsification process and can be prepared in so many different ways. You can use all sorts of different liquids to emulsify: water, fruit puree, juices, coffee, teas, and so on. I’ve been making some lovely ones using concentrated jams and fruit juices.

Before you can begin playing with new ideas, it’s important you understand the base techniques. Otherwise, it’s like shooting in the dark. I make my recipes over and over again and, in this process, learn more and more about it. There are so many tiny elements that can alter the recipe and make it not work. You can only learn this from doing. Give these 3 Top Meltaways a go for yourself and let the learning begin.


Coffee & Star Anise Meltaways

Chocolate Melts

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