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The Beauty of Travel

By 09/07/2014No Comments


Traveling can make you forget the non sense of life.

It can open you like a bubble of air rising to the surface of water and bursting, opening itself to the surroundings and the atmosphere.

You are fresh in these new surroundings. You are untouched and unscathed. Your patterns and limitations don’t exist or they are very, very far away.

Comforts you seek are no longer necessary; you are comforted by the newness of your surroundings, you are comforted by having nothing familiar and sinking into that empty space.

Your eyes can become cloudy within the constant of life and traveling gives you new eyes and it gives eyes to your spirit and your soul and your heart and they all open at once and sort of overwhelm you with gratitude, love, kindness.

Strangers all around you and you have never felt less alone in this world. You have never felt more at peace and one with those around you.

What is it about travel that seems to strip you down to your very bones, abandoning the monotony of life and seeing yourself through new landscapes ?

What possibility those landscapes hold – what has come before you and what will surely come after you have gone.

Life is always changing.

The world is one constantly evolving organism and travel brings you back in line with that truth.