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Raw Chocolate Covered Pretzels

By 12/05/2014May 31st, 2017No Comments


I made these little beauties for three of the coaches at my Crossfit box who had competed in a Crossfit Competition over the weekend. Crossfit is an EPIC sport and these athletes worked super hard. They deserved some treats! Plus, they take care of me everyday during trainings so…. gotta give them props all round.

Ok, so they’re not Philly soft pretzels (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then imagine a soft, warm pretzel with a crusty outside and soft inside.. I grew up on them, basically), but they look like pretzels so they evoke those wonderful memories associated with pretzels.

You know what I’m talking about, right ?

When you are eating healthy and you can eat a food that resembles one you used to love, there is something very liberating and exciting about it. No ? Well, yes from me. 🙂

These can be made raw or baked. I shall leave that up to you.

And, lastly, you will need the pretzel cookie cutter, which is available on for about £5 – click here

150g almonds, soaked and dehydrated (if following a raw diet)
40g lucuma
25g coconut flour
2 tbsp coconut sugar
30ml coconut cream, almond milk or water
4 tbsp water (or as needed to bring dough together)

250g homemade raw chocolate, click here for a video on making raw dark chocolate


  • If baking, pre-heat oven to 160c
  • In a food processor, blix up the dry ingredients until the almonds are well broken down
  • Add the coconut cream and process 15 seconds to see how it comes together. If it’s not coming together, then add 1 tbsp of water at a time until the dough forms into a ball…. but not too dry or wet. Much like a sugar cookie dough
  • Roll the dough between two teflex sheets, or two pieces of greaseproof paper to the thickness you desire. I did mine to about 1/4 inch or so. They don’t change much when baked or dehydrate
  • Use a pretzel cookie cutter to shape the dough. Once you have cut as many as you can out of that bit of rolled dough, form it back into a ball, re roll and go again until all the cookies are formed
  • Pop them in the over for 8-10 minutes or until browned or into the dehydrator on a mesh tray for 18 hours or until dry through
  • If using an oven, allow them to cool on a cookie rack. If using dehydrator, allow them to cool on the mesh tray before
    dipping in chocolate
  • While your cookies are cooling, melt the chocolate over a low heat. Do not allow it to come above 33c or it will need to be re-tempered. Which means bringing it to 42c and then stirring it off the heat until it reaches 31.5c
  • Once the cookies and the chocolate are ready, pop the cookies on a tray to your left, bowl of chocolate in front of you and an empty tray lined with teflex or greaseproof paper to your right
  • Choose the garnish you’d like to use on the pretzels. Chopped almonds, sea salt flakes or coconut sugar all work nicely
  • Either fully or half dip the pretzels, place on the sheet and garnish. Once the tray is full, pop it in the fridge for 5 minutes to start setting and allow to set at room temperature for 20 minutes
  • If they don’t get gobbled up immediately, then they will keep a week or so in an airtight container