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Passionfruit Tartlet

By 24/08/2017July 14th, 2018No Comments


For the past couple of months I have been working with Rawligion, based here in London, on developing a new line of desserts for their menu. The bonus feature of that job has been messing around with young coconut meat.

    For many years, young coconuts were very difficult to buy over here and, when you could, they were expensive. So I never got into playing around with them and learning about their culinary properties. That’s all changed now as you can easily get young coconut meat from Ocado ( in the UK ) and I know it’s relatively easy to get in the US too.
    This tart is very easy to make and would be a fantastic accompaniment to any picnic or end of Summer bash you might be planning. It’s lighter than raw desserts tend to be and, due to the lovely, tart passionfruit, it’s fresh and clean tasting too. The chocolate crust keeps the richness you’d expect from a dessert, but it balances with the cream to create a well-rounded bite every time.

Chocolate Crust

Makes 6 tartlets

60g ( ½ cup tightly packed ) ground almonds
70g ( ¾ cup ) tigernut, oat or almond flour
60g ( ½ cup ) cacao powder
100g ( ½ cup tightly packed ) coconut sugar, powdered

50g ( scant ¼ cup ) cacao butter, melted
30g ( 2 tbsp ) water, as needed to bind


  • In a food processor, blend the first set of ingredient to combine well.
  • Add the second set of ingredients and pulse to mix. The mix should come together, but not be so moist that it forms into a ball in the machine.
  • Line the tart tins with cling film, or use a greaseproof paper, and press the crust into the base, bringing it up the sides. Dampen your fingers as needed to smooth it out and keep it from sticking to your hands as you work it into the shell. Don’t over moisten your hands and dampen the crust too much.
  • Pop in the freezer while you make the filling.
  • If you prefer a dry, crisp shell, dehydrate them for 3 – 6 hours at 115f.


Passionfruit Custard

Makes 6 mini tartlets

300g ( 1 ½ cups ) coconut meat, pat dry
200g ( 1 ¾ cups ) cashews – soaked 1 hour and rinsed
150g ( ½ cup ) honey
200ml ( 2 ½ cups ) passionfruit juice
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 drops vanilla Medicine Flower Extract or ½ tsp powder
1 tsp turmeric powder ( optional for colour )
Pinch salt

75g ( ⅓ cup ) coconut oil, melted
50g ( ¼ cup ) cacao butter, melted



  • Blend all ingredients until smooth in a high speed blender. Use tamper if needed to keep it moving.
  • Pour into the prepared crusts and set in the freezer for 20 mins or until firm to the touch in the centre of the tart.
  • Serve with fresh passionfruit and shaved chocolate.



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