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With the Holiday season upon us, I want to try and help you prepare yourself for making the desserts. Desserts are the final act of the show, everyone will remember the last thing they ate, so why not make it something special! I know we all have our traditional desserts that we like to serve, but sometimes, it’s nice to branch outside of that a little and present something new and a little different to the norm. This Thanksgiving, I was home in Philly with my family, I made them a chocolate crusted pumpkin pie. To my shock, not everyone likes pumpkin pie. Also, to my amazement, people were like, “Huh?!” when I said “chocolate crust”… so, let’s take it easy on how adventurous we are, but, nevertheless, make it special!

To help you along, I wanted to bring back some of the most loved recipes I have posted in the past year or so. The Holiday time is no time for experimenting, unless you’re making the dessert to bring to a friend/family and not making the whole family meal yourself. With that in mind, let’s look at the desserts I think would stand out for the Holidays.

Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie

  • As I said above, not everyone was keen on pumpkin, which I find shocking as I love pumpkin, but this pie went down very well at Thanksgiving. My dad even ate a slice and that’s saying A LOT, if you know my dad. This pie can be made way ahead of time and frozen in slices ready to defrost and serve with ease on the day.


Caramel Ganache Tart

  • Not getting too far off the beaten path with this gorgeous dessert. People will love the swirl factor and that alone, not to mention it being caramel and chocolate, will make them want a slice. This pie is an amazing addition to any Holiday menu and can be made way ahead of time and frozen in slices ready to defrost and serve with ease on the day.


Walnut Brownies

  • These were by far my most favourite post in the last few months! Raw brownies do the trick every time, don’t ask me why. You may not want to serve these after a big dinner, but to have them as part of your brunch menu would be an awesome addition. You could cut them smaller than usual and have a few different types of mini sweets on offer. The rugelach would be another beautiful addition to that type of menu. Just make them mini 🙂


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