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It’s Spring time in London and there’s nothing more glorious than blue skies, a gentle breeze and the unspoken promise of eternal sunshine. Believe it or not, there’s some amazing berry picking in England, especially in the countryside where there are miles and miles of wild blackberry bushes to graze from. There’s nothing quiet like a Sunday picking berries, followed by a “baking” session to use them.

This dessert is layer upon layer of oaty pastry, rich chocolate ganache and sweet, acidic raspberry jam. A fully balanced dessert in every composed bite and as beautiful to look at as it is to devour on a warm Spring night with a cup of hot chocolate or red wine. 🙂

Chocolate Filling

35g ( ⅛ cup ) nut/seed butter – cashew, coconut, almond, tahini, etc…
120g ( ½ cup ) water, hot/warm
100g ( 3.5 oz ) cacao paste, baking chocolate or your favourite chocolate – shaved
50g ( ¼ cup ) xylitol or coconut sugar
½ tsp tamari ( optional for added depth )


  • It’s important the water is warm / hot and the chocolate is shaved before you start this recipe.
  • The liquid being warm/hot and the chocolate being shaved will mean that the mixture melts very quickly and can properly emulsify in the blender.
  • Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender and process, starting on low-medium and then increase to full power until all ingredients are smooth and creamy.
  • Pour the contents into a shallow bowl and allow to come to room temperature.
  • Cover and place the bowl into the fridge to set, about 4 hours or overnight.
  • Transfer ganache to a piping bag fit with the tip of your choice. Leave the ganache out to soften a little before you’re going to pipe with it. About 1 hour should be enough time.


115g ( ½ cup ) water
15g ( ⅛ cup ) cold pressed sesame or nut oil
75g ( ¼ cup ) honey, runny and clear
75g ( ½ cup ) cashews, soaked and rinsed

15g ( ¼ cup ) psyllium husk

45g ( ⅓ cup ) oat flour + more for rolling
60g ( ½ cup ) ground almonds
25g ( 1 ½ tbsp ) coconut flour


  • Blend the first set of ingredients until smooth.
  • Add the psyllium and nuts and pulse to break the nuts down to a crumble and the to incorporate the psyllium.
  • Mix the last set of ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  • Add the contents of the blender and mix well with your hands until it comes together.
  • Allow to set 5 minutes, to firm up.
  • Form the dough into a ball and dust with oat flour.
  • Roll the dough out between two pieces of teflex or greaseproof paper to ⅛ – ¼ inch thickness.
  • Trim the dough into a rectangle or square and then cut the size pastry you’d like. Dampen the knife or spatula so it doesn’t stick to the dough.
  • Transfer the cut pieces to a mesh dehydrator tray and dehydrate at 115f for 8-10 hours or until they’re firm, but still soft inside.

Raspberry Jam

100g fresh raspberries
10g ( 1 tbsp ) xylitol or coconut sugar
1 tbsp freeze dried raspberry powder
¼ tsp vanilla powder


  • Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, pressing the berries as you mix.
  • The freeze dried fruit powder will absorb the excess liquid and thicken the jam up enough for this recipe.
  • If you don’t have access to freeze dried fruit powder you can add a ¼ tsp of psyllium powder at a time, mix, allow to firm and then see if you need a little more. Alternatively, use your favourite raw jam recipe.
  • Set this aside until assembly.


Chocolate ganache – in a piping bag with pastry tip
Pastry – cooled and ready to use
Raspberry Jam
Fresh Raspberries

Method/To serve

  • Lay out the pastry pieces so that they’re paired with another piece that fits well.
  • On the bottom piece of pastry, pipe a dot of ganache and then dip a fresh raspberry in some jam and stick it next to the ganache. Repeat this process until the bottom piece is finished on each dessert.
  • On the top piece, switch the pastry tip if desired. Pipe a little ganache on the top, as you like.
  • Dust with some cacao powder, sprinkle some shaved chocolate and dollop some raspberry jam on top. Serve at once.

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