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NAMA Restaurant
Owners, Rich Havardi & Irene Arango 

 Since NAMA was founded in 2012, Amy has been a big inspiration and help for us in all pastry related matters. She has been an informal mentor who has guided us in many aspects of the restaurant business from kitchen set up, to recipe development. She has also worked with us in the development of our pastry menu and continues to assist us.

Amy is very dedicated and passionate about making the best desserts using the best ingredients nature has to offer and she excels at it. We count ourselves lucky to have her working closely with us.

– Irene Arango

I have known Amy for many years on both a personal and professional level and I consider her to be a fantastic source of inspiration and guidance, a good friend, who has assisted me to develop and improve my knowledge of the raw food world, as well as being a very positive voice and mentor in other ways.

She is fantastic at what she does, highly professional and motivated, and a huge help to me when I was developing in the raw food world. Her classes and training methods are second to none and she is always happy to be of assistance to me whenever I need any help or guidance.

Amy has been a continued source of help and assistance for fellow NAMA co-founder Irene Arango and myself in helping us to develop our restaurant operation, helping to improve our productivity and efficiency and also in developing our raw pastry offering, of which we are extremely grateful.

– Rich Havardi