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Raw Candy

Phoebe and Sophie Middleton
Founders of Raw Candy, Bahrain Middle East


“We at Raw Candy have just been working with Amy Levin on a consulting basis. We came in for a couple of meetings & some workshopping/menu developing.  

From the first meeting Amy was able to take our vision for the business and give us a realistic idea of how to achieve it. With her business mentoring she took what we wanted and translated that into a real plan that is now beginning to work for us.

We felt like Amy listened to what we wanted but didn’t let us lose sight of the end goal and made sure we didn’t get too overwhelmed.

Looking back we see that we have been able to focus all of our ideas and start to bring them together but in a practical way. We started with one huge passion project and now we feel our company has potential for a profitable & successful business.

With the help of Amy we are now in the first steps to getting our kitchen designed and totally set up. We went over what equipment we need and don’t need to utilise our investment in the best possible way. Taking on the challenges we faced we were in problem solving mode and found solutions to match those issues.

We have been pointed in the best directions for food sourcing for a Raw/Plant Based kitchen and advised on various options. We have left with great contacts to bring our products to life.

The exciting part of the process came when we were able to design & develop our menu. We were shown where we could go and grow and given the space to create and have fun. Our menu is looking & tasting brilliant. Not only that but it is a menu that allows us to step our business up to the next level with something special, allowing us to achieve exactly what we wanted to begin.

Raw Candy has established a great business relationship with Amy and know that the future looks bright when it comes to working together again soon. “