A Passion for Raw Chocolate


‘A Passion for Raw Chocolate’ is the most comprehensive and well thought out raw chocolate book on the market today. It’s contents are sure to change the way raw chocolate is produced, both domestically and professionally, the world over.A Passion for Raw Chocolate brings you 58 pages of sensual chocolate heaven, covering the fundamentals of precise and professional raw chocolate making and outlines the following topics, techniques and principals:

  • Tempering – explains the tempering process, various ways to temper and why tempering is a crucial part of chocolate making
  • Chocolate moulds – the different types, how to use them, how to care for them and where to buy them
  • Base recipes for white, “milk”, dark and “pure” (using nibs) chocolate – all dairy free
  • Sweetener chart of all sweeteners to use in raw chocolate and in what amounts
  • How to make coloured chocolate and explanation of various decorating methods
  • Ooosha’s “Signature” Chocolate recipes
  • Creating and using textures and aroma to create truly unique raw chocolates
  • Troubleshooting section of FAQ’s on tempering and general chocolate making
  • Links page to help you find everything you require to get started; moulds, ingredients, equipment and inspiration
  • Carefully sourced nutrition information written by Emma Mihill, Naturopath and Iridologist.