This series of livestream classes are suitable for those wanting to use a stone grinder to make all shades of chocolate, nut butters and pralines for using in your chocolate and pastry work

When making chocolate free from dairy and refined sugars, we need to consider more carefully the ingredients we choose and their impact on the overall taste, appearance and temper of our chocolate. 


In this series of classes, you’ll learn how to formulate your recipes correctly, using ingredients local to you, so the chocolate tastes great and tempers correctly.

Another great use for the grinder is to make your own nut butters. It will save you 50% which means you widen your profit margin and have complete control over the quality of the ingredients used and the way they are roasted or activated.

Praline pastes are essential to all chocolatiers and most make it themselves these days. Again, you save money and have all the control over sweeteners, quality, texture and flavour profiles.

Stone Ground Chocolates

  • This section is made up of 5 lessons as bulleted below
  • Roasted Nib to Bar Chocolate
  • How to roast your nibs for optimal & unique flavours
  • White & blonde chocolates
  • What to use for replacing dairy milk powder in your creamy chocolates
  • How to make milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate using paste (aka. mass or liquor) as your starting point
  • Fruit & veggie sweetened chocolate for those avoiding any type of sugars
  • Grinders I recommend to suit different price ranges and varying levels of interest
  • The anatomy of the grinder and how to use it
  • How to clean your grinder and care for it ongoingly
  • Which additional tools and equipment you’ll need
  • Storing and aging your chocolate to develop flavours

Nut Butters & Pralines

  • How to make nut butters using roasted or activated nuts 
  • Which nuts/seeds to pre-grind 
  • The variations between all nuts/seeds and the changes that makes in the grinding process
  • Sweeteners that can be added and which to be avoided
  • Making your nut butters into pralines using chocolate or cocoa butter 
  • Cleaning your grinder after making butters and pralines 
  • Using your pralines in chocolate work – simple applications 
  • Chocolate spread recipe 
  • Several of my signature praline recipes

How & Why To Temper Chocolate

  • Learn all the ins and outs of how and why we temper chocolate
  • Once you understand how it works, you’ll find it much easier to do
  • We use various methods and you see the results in real time
  • You can practice these methods at home & find what suits you best
  • Use these same methods to temper any and all fillings containing cocoa butter