Raw Baking

Beginners and Intermediate

Learn how to make yummy ‘baked’ goods at home or for your business 

Price: £29
Livestream Class Recording


Learn How To Make Delicious ‘Baked’ Goods In Your Dehydrator
(or use your oven on low temps)

Healthy, delicious baked goods that leave you feeling energised and light… Who would have
thought it!? With Raw Baking, you can enjoy delicious breads, cookies, crackers and even pastries!
All are free from wheat, gluten & refined sugar and, of course, they’re plant based.

This class will give you the recipes, techniques and methods needed to make amazing, healthy ‘baked’ goods at home or work.

What you’ll learn…

This 90-120 min livestream class is designed for both beginners and intermediate students alike. You don’t need to have a dehydrator to make the recipes from this class, you can also use your oven, and we’ll talk about that in class.

My teaching style and ethos is to give people tried and tested base recipes that you can chop and change to create something new and different.

Caraway Bread

This bread was a huge hit in my live Raw Baking classes back in the day. The caraway make it taste just like Rye Bread, but without needing to use the grain itself. We used to serve it with hummus and salad for our group lunch. It always went down a treat!

Buckwheat Rosemary Crackers  

Another big hit from my live classes. I used to serve these in all the classes with a big salad and every time, I’d get asked for the recipe. They’re the best cracker, and the base itself is highly versatile. You could switch up the nut or seed you use, the spice/herb and get a totally different cracker.

Cinnamon Buns

What’s to say about cinnamon buns, they’re a classic pastry that haven’t aged a day! For this recipe, we fill my favourite pastry dough with a date cinnamon paste, roll it up and, after dehydrating, glaze it with a simple, but classic ‘sugar’ glaze.

How Does It Work?

  • After you’ve purchased this livestream class, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, which includes a link to register for the class.
  • At the time and date of the class you’ll connect via the Zoom software (no extra charge to you).
  • If you are purchasing a class recording, you will receive the recipes and recording right after your purchase.
  • You’ll be able to see and hear me. We’ll say hello when you join, so you can confirm you can hear OK.
  • While I’m teaching you can type questions for me to answer. I’ll make sure we answer all questions.
  • You’ll receive the class book and a recording of the session within 1-2 days of the livestream.
  • Note: This is not a follow along workshop, so there’s no need to shop for any ingredients prior to the class.