This series of livestream classes will give you a solid foundation of techniques and methods that will become the backbone of your chocolate work. 

You will continually draw on the knowledge and experience gained from practicing the material covered in these lessons and grow considerably as a chocolatier.


By making the recipes and practicing the techniques and methods outlined in this series of classes, you will lay a solid foundation of understanding how to work with chocolate. 

Each of these lessons teaches you to work with chocolate in very different ways and this will be knowledge and experience that you draw on for the duration of your time being a chocolatier.

How To Make Hollow Shells & Filled Chocolates

  • This is the backbone to making bonbons and filled chocolates of any kind
  • Each shade of stone ground, plant based chocolate will have different viscosities and optimal working temperatures
  • Learn how to shell correctly in order to avoid forming ‘bad’ habits and ways of working that are difficult to change 
  • Work efficiently in order to optimize the chocolate you’re working with and your time in the kitchen 
  • Learn how to keep the chocolate in temper while you work in order to lengthen your work time considerably

How To Use Naturally Coloured Cocoa Butter

  • Which butters are the best and where to get them
  • How to melt your colours and keep them melted while you work 
  • How to temper your colours, be that large or small batches 
  • How to keep your colours in temper while you work 
  • Learn about optimal mould temperatures for different applications
  • Which temperatures to use while working with the butters 
  • Simple tools to use for dozens of design options 
  • 4-5 of my favourite, easy designs to start with using only a few colours  
  • Common issues and troubleshooting

Chocolate Barks / Slabs

  • Barks/slabs are made by adding lots of inclusions to chocolate 
  • These are set in a pan v.s a chocolate mould 
  • We cover 3 very different types of barks using white, blonde, milk and dark chocolates 
  • Learn how to control the flow rate of the chocolate to make it easier to work with 
  • How to lengthen your working time with the chocolate by the temperatures you use 
  • Working with barks is an easy introduction to making chocolate bars 
  • This will build your confidence with chocolate and teach you how to control it in order to assist you while working

Chocolate Bars

  • 3 different design techniques for making chocolate bars in professional moulds 
  • Each design is based on the use of inclusions v.s coloured cocoa butter
  • This design method means your temper needs to be spot on, therefore making this a somewhat more challenging method 
  • There are tips and tricks to each design, and even in making a simple pure chocolate bar, that will save you time and ensure a clean finish
  • Use what you learned from the barks class about working temperatures and mould temperatures to give you more working time