Flavour Pairing & The Creative Process

Suitable for all levels

Join me in the kitchen while we exploring interesting flavour combinations and the creative process of recipe development

Date: 29th April
Time: 4pm – 5pm U.K
Free Livestream Class


Want Some Help With Flavour Pairing & Your Creative Process?

Two of the most common things students want to learn from me is
how to choose good flavour pairings and how to create your own recipes.

Let’s Get Inspired Together

In this 30-60 min free livestream class, we’ll take a deep dive into exploring the ins and outs of flavour pairing and the creative process.

Student Participation 

You are encouraged to attend this livestream live, if you are able.  Your participation will make this a far richer experience for all involved. If you are not able to attend live, I do understand, and you will be missed. In this case, please email me your questions about the topic, and any difficulties you experience in these areas, prior to class. I will address as much as I can in the class.

Flavour Pairing 

Combining new and different flavours can feel challenging. You might know which particular herbs, spices, nuts, extracts, etc… you want to use, but find it difficult to know what will pair well. More over, what’s the vessel for this flavour pairing experiment and what does its specific characteristics add to the mix? There’s a lot to consider – it can feel overwhelming and stop you in your tracks. I’m going to help you move forward with your ideas in a clear, simple way, and share my methods of working through this process.

My Creative Process 

I’ve never articulated my creative process to anyone before. It’s always struck me as a very personal experience, and one that can be tricky to clearly communicate, but in this class I will explain my exact process in the hopes that it will help you with yours. I’d love to hear about your process, and help you in any way that I can to bring your ideas to reality.

How Does It Work?

  • After you’ve signed up for this FREE livestream class, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, which includes a link to register for the class via Zoom.
  • If you’re not going to attend live, there’s no need to register.
  • At the time and date of the class you’ll connect via the Zoom software (no extra charge to you).
  • You’ll be able to see and hear me. We’ll say hello when you join, so you can confirm you can hear OK.
  • While I’m teaching you can type questions for me to answer. I’ll make sure we answer all questions.
  • You’ll receive a recording of the class within 1-2 hours of the livestream.