Fermented Elixirs

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Learn how to make the simplest fermented drink using nourishing infusions of fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, medicinal mushrooms and teas. 

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Nourish Your Gut, Body & Mind With Simple Fermented Elixirs

Fermented drinks are one of the most delicious ways to get healthy, living bacteria into your body daily.
Kombucha and kefir can be timely and challenging in terms of the consistency of results.
The answer? Join me to find out….

Make Your Own Fermented Elixirs Specific To Your Needs

Since the early 2000’s I have loved fermented drinks. I used to teach a live class on the topic, we covered kombucha and water kefir. For me, the results could be consistent for a time and then could change completely without any obvious reason. The other downside for me, and my students, was needing to care for the SCOBY’s. While some people enjoy this aspect, it was always a bit burdensome to me.

In recent months, I started buying store bought Kombucha again and was really disappointed with the products available. Most, if not all of them, now use sparkling water to achieve, or make up for, the sparkles they’re clearly not able to attain naturally. That’s a red flag for me. So, I decided to start making my own again and was reminded of the time and dedication it takes.

In search of something easier and less time consuming, I came across fruit kvass. Now, I have made Tepache before, but I never realised you could make a fermented beverage out of virtually any fruit. I started with raspberry and ginger. It was lovely but needed to be kicked up a notch in terms of flavour. For me, it’s gotta be like soda!

Over the past few months I’ve experimented with about a dozen different fruits, spices, flowers, teas, coffee, medicinal mushrooms and herbs. I have come up with a selection of drinks that I really love and now I’d like to teach you what I have learnt in the hopes that you too can enjoy fermented elixirs without having to pay a hefty price tag or make concessions where the productions methods are concerned.

What you’ll learn…


In my journey thus far, I have found some fruits to be better than others in terms of the flavour they impart and the way they ferment. Also, there are some great fruits to mix together in order to get the most powerful fermentation. I’ll share all of this in class so you can make informed decisions when making your own and avoid the mistakes I made.

Coffee & Teas

In order to get a better overall flavour, and also add in the nutritional benefits of teas, I experimented with a bunch of my faves and came up with some lovely combos. In this class, we’ll be using Earl Grey, White Tea and Calming Herbal Teas as well.


Flowers play a big part for me in calming my body and nervous system. So, I wanted to add them into the drinks for that personal benefit and the fantastic flavour they impart is a delicious bonus. In this class, we’ll be using lavender, rose, rose hips and chamomile.


You don’t need to use much sweetener when making Fruit Kvass, which is another thing I love about them. When you do use a sweetener, it can be honey, maple, molasses or raw cane sugar. These are the ones I have tested thus far and they’re added at a fragment of what you’d find in Ginger Bug Soda, Kombucha and Kefir drinks. You can also ferment the Kvass until it’s very dry, without it turning to vinegar like Kombucha would do.

Drinks We’ll Make In Class

I’ll be sharing my 3 fave drink combo’s in class with you; ‘Relax’ (Blueberry, Lavender and Earl Grey Tea), ‘Calm’ (strawberry, rose and chamomile) and ‘Jolly Rancher’ (pineapple, blackberry and lime).



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