Easy Parfaits

Suitable for students of all levels 

Date: June 20th
Time: 4pm-5pm U.K.
Price: £19
Livestream Class Recording


The Perfect ‘One Cup’ Treat Bursting With Flavours & Textures 

Refreshing desserts that doesn’t require you to spend hours on end in the kitchen,
and highlight seasonal fruits to the max! These parfaits hit every mark.

Whether It’s A Rustic Picnic or Fancy Dinner Party,

I’ve Got You Covered With These Parfaits

Easy Parfaits is a 1.5 hour livestream class where you’ll learn how to make 2 different parfaits featuring new, unique layers.

What you’ll learn

Chocolate Cherry Parfait with Almond Brownie Bites, Chocolate Mousse & Rum Soaked Cherries

Chocolate and cherry is one of the most classic flavour combos around and the classics exist for good reason; they work incredibly well! For this parfait, I wanted the perfect light and airy chocolate mousse. Mission accomplished! This chocolate mousse is really easy to make, doesn’t require any special ingredients and no aquafaba. The fresh seasonal cherries don’t need much in order to shine, but I wanted to give a little “Black Forest” feel by introducing some alcohol infusion. Easy brownie bites top this parfait off and provide some needed chewiness and texture.

Blueberry Parfait with Maple Custard, Vanilla Pecan Crumble & Blueberry Compote 

For years I have been wanting to create a custard/pudding recipe that has the consistency I remember from my childhood and, finally, I found it! This custard can either be served set, and somewhat firm, or soft and gooey like the puddings I remember from being a kid. I’ll show you both ways in class. Blueberry compote is very easy to make and keeps well in the fridge. You can serve it on a parfait like this one, or with pancakes, on yogurt or in a sundae. It’s a versatile element, for sure. Lastly, we have a delicious vanilla pecan crumble that’s just like a traditional crumble! This element provides the texture and flavour needed to bring the whole parfait together in every bite.

How Does It Work?


  • After you’ve purchased this livestream class, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, which includes a link to register for the class.
  • At the time and date of the class you’ll connect via the Zoom software (no extra charge to you).
  • You’ll be able to see and hear me. We’ll say hello when you join, so you can confirm you can hear OK.
  • While I’m teaching you can type questions for me to answer. I’ll make sure we answer all questions.
  • You’ll receive the class book and a recording of the session within 1-2 days of the livestream.
  • Note: This is not a follow along workshop, so there’s no need to shop for any ingredients prior to the class.  You can just relax, watch at home, ask questions and be armed with your new knowledge to get in the kitchen in your own time and go at your own pace.  Of course, you have all recipes and a recording of the class to refer back to whenever you want.