Delicious Dessert Bars

It’s recommended that you have some dessert making experience before attending this class.

Date: 12th October
Time: 4pm – 5:15pm U.K
Price: £29
Livestream Class Recording


If Candy Bars & Cake Had Babies, They’d Be Dessert Bars 

Impress your family and friends with delicious home made, healthy desserts that are mostly
raw, all vegan, gluten/wheat/dairy and refined sugar free.

Let’s take your dessert skills to the next level.

This class will give you the recipes, techniques and methods needed to make delicious, healthy dessert bars at home or work.

This 2 hour livestream class is designed for students of all levels who have an eagerness to learn. We don’t use a dehydrator for this class.

My teaching style and ethos is to give people tried and tested base recipes that you can chop and change to create something new and different.

What you’ll learn …


In this class we’ll be working with, what are referred to as, Ganache Frames. They are metal frames that don’t have a base and just frame the contents. The benefit of using a frame to form your dessert bars is that you get a perfect height and cut every time. No need to line the frame with greaseproof or cling film, so you can avoid any marks or indentations made using those methods. If you don’t want to use a frame, no problem, you can simply use a baking tin as you would with other desserts.

Chocolate Coatings 

These bars are finished using tempered chocolate, which I’ll cover in class. However, if you don’t feel comfortable tempering, or want a coating that’s quick and easy, I’ve got you. We’ll discuss the options you have for coating the bars in class.

Almond Brownie Dessert Bars 

This dessert bar is based on my very popular signature bonbon of the same name. Not all of my students are interested in the intricate work of making bonbons, so I decided to reformat them into these easy dessert bars. This way you can make them at home, or for your business, with ease! For this bar, we start off with a chocolatey brownie base, top it off with a rich almond praline layered with roasted almonds and then off enrobe each one in milk chocolate! If you don’t want to temper the chocolate, no problem, we can cover other easier options in class.

White Chocolate Berry Dessert Bars

If you have been a student of mine for a while, you’ll know that I rarely do fruit ganaches, but my students wanted more fruity stuff…. so here we are! Fruit ganaches produce a clean, fresh fruit flavour and can be made firm enough to cut into lovely little bars. For these bars, I made an oat crumble base and then topped it with a forest fruit ganache. This is all done within a frame which helps retain an easy shape for cutting after they’re set. Finally, they’re dipped in white chocolate speckled with roasted pecans. Not a white chocolate fan? No worries, they’d go very well with dark chocolate too!