The Coffee Entremet

It’s recommended that you have some dessert making experience before attending this class.

Learn how to make stellar modern desserts at home or work 

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Want To Learn How to Make Stunning Healthy Modern Desserts?

Take your dessert skills to the next level and impress your family, friends and clients with delicious, healthy entremets that are (mostly) raw, plant based, gluten/wheat/dairy and refined sugar free.

Let’s take your dessert skills to the next level.

This course brings together raw baking, desserts and chocolate into one in depth class. It will help you understand how to take the base recipes you already know and love from my other courses and apply them all in one dessert.

The dessert made in class has several components that are assembled using a mix of free form techniques and modern pastry moulds and methods. Where chocolate garnishes are use to decorate the desserts, they will be made in class.

This 2 hour livestream class is designed for intermediate students or those with a good dessert making background. You don’t need to have a dehydrator to make the recipes from this class, you can also use your oven.

What you’ll learn …


I love using fermented creams in my desserts. No just for the probiotic aspect, but for what they offer to the dessert itself. Fermentation dramatically alters the overall feel of the cream, making it lighter to digest, but also reducing that dense feel you get from simply using soaked cashews. For this dessert, we’ll use coffee as the fermenting liquid. This gives us a massive flavour boost before we even start to ‘season’ the cream.

Coffee Biscuit 

This is one of my favourite cookie recipes and it works perfectly for this dessert. The sambuca white mulberry ganache sits atop this biscuit within the dessert to give a new texture and flavour combo with every bite.

Sambuca White Mulberry Ganache

In this dessert, we’ll use a variation of two of my base ganache recipes and this sambuca white mulberry ganache is one of them. This element sits atop the coffee biscuit and brings a ton of flavour and texture to the overall dessert – the texture being from white mulberries soaked in a sambuca mixture!

Maple Oat Feuilettine 

This element is what gives us a lovely crunch in the dessert. I’ll show you how to ‘preserve’ it’s crunch – as it’s a ‘dry’ element within a ‘wet’ mixture, it would otherwise take on liquid and go soft. When creating multi layered desserts like this, we need to consider the palette getting dulled with each bite, so a mix of textures is important to keep things exciting!

Chocolate Cake

This is my very popular chocolate cake recipe. It’s spongy and soft, semi sweet and chocolatey. It’s the foundation for this dessert, it’s what the dessert itself rests upon. This element is what makes the entremet feel like a cake, in the end.

Sambuca, Fennel & Espresso Glaze

The final element is the ganache glaze. I love this recipe in and of itself. You could set it into a frame and dip it in chocolate for a lovely little truffle. These flavours, and the silky texture of the ganache, are superb. It also gives a lovely finish to the dessert and reinforces the flavour profile of coffee, liquorice and chocolate that runs throughout.

Flavour balancing

A crucial part of being a chef of any kind and, in part, what will make your desserts stand out from others. We’ll explore this in class so you know what to add for that flavour pop and a well rounded dessert.

How Does It Work?

  • After you’ve purchased this livestream class, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, which includes a link to register for the class.
  • At the time and date of the class you’ll connect via the Zoom software (no extra charge to you).
  • You’ll be able to see and hear me. We’ll say hello when you join, so you can confirm you can hear OK.
  • While I’m teaching you can type questions for me to answer. I’ll make sure we answer all questions.
  • You’ll receive the class book and a recording of the session within 1-2 days of the livestream.
  • Note: This is not a follow along workshop, so there’s no need to shop for any ingredients prior to the class.  You can just relax, watch at home, ask questions and be armed with your new knowledge to get in the kitchen in your own time and go at your own pace.  Of course, you have all recipes and a recording of the class to refer back to whenever you want.