Chocolate Experience Day

Are you or someone you know passionate about chocolate? Come and learn all about chocolate from a leading plant-based chocolatier.

11am - 1:30pm U.K

Marlborough, Wiltshire


18th September 2022


16th October 2022


13th November 2022


11th December 2022


Learn More About The Food Everyone Loves The World Over 

Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from and how it’s made? Do you want to
get hands on with it under the careful eye of a leading plant based chocolatier? If so, this
class may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Learn all about chocolate and get hands on with it

This Chocolate Experience Day is a 2.5 hour hands on class for students of all levels. It’s a fun day out to have with your friends or come on your own and meet new people who share your love of chocolate!

What you’ll learn…

The Chocolate Journey

In class, you’ll learn all about where chocolate comes from, how it’s processed commercially and then see how it’s made in small batches by artisan chocolatiers the world over using a stone grinder. The chocolate we make and use in class is all natural, plant based and free from refined sugars.


Tempering chocolate is what gives it the shine and snap we all know and love. It also makes it more shelf stable – meaning it won’t melt in your hand. I’ll show you how to easily temper chocolate, so you can do it at home if you’d like.

Chocolate Truffles 

In this class, we’re making an easy chocolate ganache and setting it in a silicone mould. We’ll then pop it out, enrobe it in chocolate and decorate it to the nines 🙂 This is a  great way to make quick and easy chocolates at home!

Chocolate Pralines 

You can make pralines using any nut or seed butter that you like and mixing it with chocolate. In this class, we’ll make pralines into little balls and finish them in two ways. One is by enrobing them in chocolate, the other is by putting them inside a chocolate cup (which I’ll show you how to make in class) and decorating them up!

Learn A New Craft 

Unlike some crafts, chocolate making can be done at home using a few easy to find tools and some good quality chocolate. In fact, as you’ll see in this class, you can even make your own artisan chocolate at home. Whether that interests you or not, you can still take your new found skills and embark on a creative journey that’s also very tasty!

Take What You Make 

You’ll take home portions of what we make in the class, which typically ends up being a nice little chocolate haul.  All the chocolates we make in class will keep for several weeks…. if they last that long!

All chocolates are dairy, wheat, gluten and refined sugar free.

Kind words from our friends

Working in the industry and the huge surge in food intolerances, allergies and required diets, with Amy’s help I can face any challenge with a grin and think, “What would Amy do?”

Sammy Tranger

Having Amy’s raw chocolate courses on makes me so proud. Our students love learning about raw chocolate from Amy, because she’s so knowledgeable and methodical.

Russell James“The Raw Chef”, London UK

Amy is an inspiring teacher and someone who pushes raw culinary artistry to the edge. Her sophisticated chocolates and elegant desserts were the cornerstone at all SAF restaurants during their opening years.

Chad SarnoChef, Consultant & Speaker

I love Amy’s recipes, she is always creating and sharing so openly with all of us. What’s a plus, she actually uses weight measurements (thanks, Amy)!

Monika WackeFounder Schoccolatta, Switzerland

Amy Levin is a very knowledgeable and enterprising professional chef and culinary artist, whose creativity, organisational skills and teaching abilities are remarkable.

Amy WebsterFounder of Simply Raw, Zurich Switzerland

Just like becoming an expert in wine–you learn by drinking it, the best you can afford–you learn
about great food by finding the best there is, whether simply or luxurious. The you savor it,
analyze it, and discuss it with your companions, and you compare it with other experiences.”

Julia Child