Fermented Apple Pie Cheesecake

This class is suitable for beginners or intermediate students

Learn how to make delicious cheesecakes at home or work 

Date: 21st December
Time: 4pm – 5pm U.K
Price: £19
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Jazz up your Apple Pie with fermentation!

Impress your family and friends with delicious, probiotic dense cheesecakes that
are mostly raw, all vegan, gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free.

Get your fill of probiotics while eating a delicious,
creamy cheesecake? Yes, please!

What you’ll learn …


When fermenting nuts to make a cheesecake, you can use water or, to enhance flavour, a different liquid. The benefit of using liquids other than water is two fold. One is that you introduce new strains of bacteria that are naturally occurring in those liquids. The more strains the better, in terms of gut health. The other is that you’re not ‘watering down’ the cashew paste by using water to blend and therefore begin building flavour into the the paste at this early stage. This means a more flavourful cheesecake overall.

Easy Crust 

In this class we’ll be using a delicious base crust. As you can see, this will be a simple vanilla crust. You can tweak this to make it chocolate or, to vary the flavour, you can add in spices, citrus zest, dried flowers or essential oils. It’s a wonderfully neutral base recipe that can be adapted to suit any flavour combination you might come up with. This crust can be simply pressed into the tin flat or brought up the sides in order to give a ‘tart crust’ vibe. 

Caramelised Apples 

These caramelised apples are very easy to make and really make this cheesecake taste like a classic apple pie. The spices in the fermented cream pair perfectly with their flavour and sweetness. In the class booklet, I provide a recipe for making raw or cooked apples.

Fermented Spiced Brandy Cream Cheese  

Once the cashew are fermented, we season it up to give us an Apple Pie vibe. I didn’t go full on Apple Pie spices here because I wanted to keep the subtle brandy and apple flavours as the stars of the show. Instead, I chose a few spices that highlight those flavours rather than over power them.