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Kathrine Harvey

IT Business Analyst
London, UK

Amy knows her stuff when it comes to raw chocolate, confectionary and desserts. Fact. And what Amy doesn’t know about them just isn’t worth knowing. She has a way of marrying flavours and textures to produce the most innovative and original, top-notch treats.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending all her courses, as well as supporting her with some too — and I love being around her, just watching her do her thing and learning from it.

A consummate professional in the kitchen, not only does Amy have real skill, more importantly, she has a real passion for what she does. That passion, along with a sense of pride and a desire to pass on her extensive knowledge, comes across during her teaching, which she executes clearly and precisely, with a wicked sense of humour.

I always come away feeling inspired, fired up and ready to experiment with my own creations. She’s a total rock star and I can’t recommend her enough.