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Jeannie Hind

Raw Cake Class


Let me just say that Amy is the QUEEN of raw cake.

When I say that I don’t mean just the taste and the finish, I mean the sharing of knowledge and creations that are not only healthier than the mainstream choices, but are also therapeutic in nature! We’re talking added probiotics, raw fruit and vegetable powders for colouring, fermentation and ingredients as close to their raw form as possible…and they taste INCREDIBLE.

I joined the class as a result of my passion for clean eating and healing, but with this class, I got way more than I bargained for it wasn’t JUST a class to learn about “healthier” cake options. It also gave me incredible ideas for combining treats with healing properties and all in half a day!

I loved the warm welcome to the Raw Cake Masterclass where I was given a swift sample of some “here’s what I made earlier” matcha truffles with a cup of herbal tea and it didn’t stop there.

Amy is a fantastic teacher, from her sheer enthusiasm to impeccable knowledge, and her flare for creativity in the kitchen…and of course the ample laughs we had during the day. Amy is great at bringing people together, engaging the audience and most of all teaching at such a high level with ease.

During the class, I learnt a great deal about raw cake and the processes. I got to connect with likeminded people and was delighted to take part in creating our own cakes during the class too. I loved adding vibrant colours using raw food powders to liven up the cakes, using probiotics and fermentation in everyday treats and learning more about presentation.

Since taking the class I have continued to learn and grow with my raw cake practices and I love that I can easily connect with Amy in the private graduate Facebook group. I often share my creations and ask questions which she is happy to answer. To me, this is an incredibly rare opportunity for which I am incredibly grateful for. Since the class, Amy has given me some great feedback and answered questions I had whilst also encouraging me to keep being creative with raw delights using the free recipes on her website!

I loved the class so much I will be going back to learn more from the Raw Chocolate Class very soon!

Jeannie Hind