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Guy Clayton

Leeds, UK

I started attending completely by accident, when I was invited to stay in the class by Amy, after bringing my 14 year old daughter, who had found the raw chocolate course online. My daughter had researched it carefully, and was thrilled that Amy had a space left on the course for her to attend.

We’ve attended four courses now, covering raw and advanced chocolate making in detail along with delicious salads.

Three surprising things have happened since we started attending Amy’s courses. Firstly, I’ve seen my daughter gain in confidence enormously. Amy is a natural teacher, and manages to make an hour feel like 10 minutes. My daughter seems to have un-inherited talent in creating fabulous food.

Secondly, it’s given us something really nice to share together. We can now talk about raw chocolate and food generally, and I feel more part of her life.

Thirdly, and perhaps most surprisingly, I really enjoy the courses myself. I would hardly consider myself a chef, and yet these courses really do cater (forgive the pun) for all abilities and experience levels. The other attendees are so friendly, and share their ideas too. I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition along the way. I’m a doctor, and I have to say, I knew embarrassing little before.

We’ve made some surreal chocolates, and I’m starting to change my own eating habits.

Overall, a bit of a life changer really. Thank you Amy and team. You’re awesome. See you again soon.