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Paul Hack

Co-Founder, Elevated Cacao

My raw chocolate journey started on a soul searching trip to Bali. During that trip, I consumed kilos of raw chocolate and fell in love with the heath benefits of raw cacao.

I returned to London with a burning desire to make my own raw chocolate, but had no idea what I was doing…….enter Amy Levin! Amy’s teachings inspired me to build on my love for creating and dive deep into the world of raw chocolate making. Her courses gave me the confidence and tools I needed to build my skills as a chocolatier and discover the endless possibilities of raw chocolate making. Hello coloured coconut!

A few years and several stained shirts later…I’m living in Bali running my own raw-chocolate business, Elevated Cacao. We sell raw, vegan chocolate across the island – it truly is a dream come true.

While my learning always continues, I am so grateful to Amy for giving me my raw-chocolate making start.