Who Else Wants to Make Stunning, Healthy Desserts?


This online course is designed to help students take their raw cake and dessert skills to the next level. These classes focus on applying modern pastry techniques to healthy ingredients and methods.

This course brings together raw baking, cakes and chocolate into one in depth class. It will help you understand how to take the base recipes you already know and love from Amy’s other courses (whether you have those courses or not) and apply them all in one dessert.

Each dessert made in this course has several components that are assembled using a mix of free form techniques and modern pastry moulds and methods. Many desserts will be finished with chocolate decorations and garnishes.

Technical skills that lead to creative inspiration

This online course is designed for those who have a passion for making stunning, healthy desserts.

Learn how to use the new, modern moulds/forms you see circulating on social media and the gorgeous desserts they create.

This is not a beginner class, but it is suitable for passionate home cooks at any level and professional chefs alike. If you are a complete beginner, you’d be better served by Amy’s Raw Desserts at Home course, or any of the levels of The Raw Chocolatier. That being said, each dessert will be taught in great detail for you to follow.

Learn how to construct a multi layered dessert, called an entremet, from the planning stages — including flavour and texture combining as well as planning the layers of each dessert – through to completion.

We will be using different moulds/forms, flavour profiles, assembly methods and garnishing techniques to offer you a full scope of learning.

Here’s what the course will cover…

Lesson One: 7 Videos

The Coffee Entremet


Techniques Covered:

  • Give your desserts a professional finish, by assembling them inside curvy silicone dessert moulds
  • Create a stunning chocolate glaze, using a versatile recipe that can be adapted to suit any type of dessert
  • Create a, “wow!” reaction when someone cuts into your desserts, by building multiple layers.
  • Create pipeable raw creams, something that is notoriously difficult to do.

Lesson Two: 8 Videos

Middle Eastern Caramel Latte


Techniques Covered:

  • Learn how to use the most modern moulds, such as the Finger Silikomart Professional Mould.
  • New modern chocolate work techniques! Create seamless chocolate discs that are shiny on both sides.
  • Give a sheen to your desserts with a caramel glaze for a stunning and professional finish.
  • Create visually stunning double textures to your desserts, by learning how to apply a caramel glaze, on top of which you’ll apply a chocolate textured coating.

Lesson Three: 6 Videos

Hibiscus, Raspberry & Rose Semi Fredo


Techniques Covered:

  • Create delicate chocolate curls, to give an elegant, soft finish to your desserts.
  • Create a molten centre to your desserts using compotes and coulis to place at the centre of your desserts.
  • Learn how to achieve impressive results with simple moulds and free form techniques.

Lesson Four: 7 Videos

Pineapple Coconut Rum Tart


Techniques Covered:

  • Lighten your desserts by using an agar jelly for lighter texture and consistency.
  • Bring a depth of flavour to your desserts, by making a smokey caramel.
  • Give a velvet like finish to your desserts without using artificial sprays.
  • Learn how to use the most modern mould, such as the Silikomart Kit Tarte Ring 80

Lesson Five: 7 Videos

The Peanut Banana Tart


Techniques Covered:

  • Lighten your desserts by adding a fresh, caramelised fruit layer.
  • Bring a depth of flavour to your desserts, by making a rich peanut caramel.
  • Give a velvet like finish to your desserts without using artificial sprays.
  • Learn how to use the most modern moulds, such as the Silikomart Kit Tarte Ring 80.
  • Create tart shells that are multi textured, by using a combination of techniques to achieve a cookie crumb-like crust.

Lesson Six: 4 Videos

The Maple Blueberry Entremet


Techniques Covered:

  • Lighten your desserts, by adding a bright, fruity glaze to finish.
  • Create well rounded desserts, by bringing together multiple flavours in a well balanced way.
  • Make biscuits and cakes for your desserts to sit atop, by using various methods to achieve different consistencies which suit each individual dessert.

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