Yes, you really can make your own (healthy) chocolate at home, from scratch.


The only online chocolate making course for people interested in making high quality, plant-based chocolate at home… for themselves, friends & family.

What’s stopping you from making really great chocolate?

Over the years Russ and I have been teaching, we’ve consistently seen people struggling with making chocolate, when they really don’t need to.

Specifically with chocolate, there are three main barriers to being successful, or even getting started in the first place…

Trying to learn from books will only get you so far.

Books have lots of great ideas, but they don’t give you a recipe for basic chocolate.

Sometimes they’ll just tell you to melt down store bought chocolate bars (really??), which isn’t going to give you full control over the ingredients that go into your chocolate. It also doesn’t count as ‘making your own chocolate’.

Most of the students that come to us want to know EXACTLY what’s going into the chocolate, so they can make the healthiest chocolate possible to give to their family. To do this, you’re going to want to make it yourself, from scratch, with the ingredients you trust.

And what if a recipe or technique in a book doesn’t work out? There’s really no way to know what went wrong and what to do to fix it.

It’s especially hard if you’re a visual learner. Even the most detailed photos will only get you so far.

But seeing it done in front of you, either in person or on video, you’re able to notice the intricacies of the textures, consistency of the chocolate and the method start to finish, which increases your chances of success massively.

Then even if it goes wrong, you need a place you can come to ask questions.

We provide this in The Raw Chocolatier. You’ll be able to ask questions in each of the lessons and get help from your fellow students, some of which are now professional chocolate makers, selling their own chocolates.

Is it even possible to make high quality chocolate at home?

People come to us genuinely curious if it’s even possible to make high quality chocolate at home.

This means they either don’t try to begin with, or when they do try, will settle for less than perfect results (the type you see in the ‘before’ picture above). They’ll often put their poor results down to ‘not having the right equipment’… and who wants to invest in lots of expensive equipment when they don’t seem to be getting anywhere with even the basics?

This is a real shame because:

a. It’s absolutely possible to make high quality chocolate at home

b. You don’t need a kitchen full of expensive, professional chocolate making equipment to produce stunning chocolates.

In The Raw Chocolatier Amy takes great pride in showing you how to get started making chocolate at home, with what you have already.

You may need to get a few more pieces of kitchen items to make your job easier, but you won’t be asked to set up a full professional chocolate production setup. Most people can get started spending less than £75.

It also may be true that once really getting into your chocolate making you’ll want to buy extra moulds, upgrade your blender and maybe even get a stone grinder (which are very reasonably priced now, at under £200) but at least by then you’ll already be producing amazing chocolates and you’ll know you have a love for this.

Never learning how to ‘temper’ chocolate.

Tempering chocolate is a combination of heating, cooling and constant motion done in a specific way that makes the crystals of the chocolate uniform.

Why is this important? Because it’s the tempering process that gives chocolate bars a shiny, snappy finish and makes the chocolate more stable at higher temperatures.

So if you’ve ever made chocolate that’s powdery, melts at room temperature and doesn’t have a shine to it, that’s why.

This is another limitation with trying to learn chocolate making from books; they rarely cover chocolate tempering, and even when they do, the chances you’re going to successfully pick up this process from a book are very slim.

There are many ways to temper and Amy covers several of them in The Raw Chocolatier course. Plus, they can easily be done at home (no expensive chocolate tempering machine needed). Learning this in person or by a very well thought out and produced video lesson is really the only way.

So why do our students get such great results after going through our course?

Allow me to introduce…

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate Online Course

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate online course is separated into four different levels.

It’s designed to take you from complete beginner to advanced across those four levels. It will give you a greater understanding of how to make and work with chocolate overall, whilst also giving you the detail you may want.

So whether you want to just make simple, high quality chocolate, or make the Willy Wonka style chocolate bars that have been whirling around in your brain, this course will give you the skills to make them a reality.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to impress your family and friends with your stunning, professional quality, healthy chocolate treats. All made at home.

Not only that, we offer certificates of completion for each of the levels, so you can proudly display evidence of your chocolate making skills, although let’s be honest, your chocolates are all the evidence you need!

Your Teacher

The entire course is taught by me, the World’s Leading Raw Chocolatier.

I’m a professional chef, a consultant to some of the most well known all-natural chocolate companies, and have dedicated my career to healthy chocolate and desserts.

My recipes always work: they not only look good but taste great too.

  • All of your questions answered
    As you’re going through the course you’ll find yourself having all of your questions answered by me as I walk you through the process on video. If you have any extra questions after watching each video, you’ll be able to ask it right there in the lesson, to be answered by myself or one of my trained Pastry Chef assistants.
  • Lifetime access to this version of the course
    When you become a Raw Chocolatier student, you’ll have lifetime access to this version of the course. It’s helpful to have a course that you can work through at your at your own pace and refer back to whenever needed. That way you don’t need to feel pressure about getting things completed by a certain date.
  • Support in the Member Forums
    My style of teaching is easy to follow and foolproof. All you have to do is follow along with the video, download the simple PDF recipe, and you’re on your way. As well as being able to ask questions within the course, we have Member Forums where you can ask questions of your fellow students (and share your successes). You’ll also be inspired by others’ creativity and success.
  • A fun experience!
    My passion and down to earth teaching style… will guide you easily through the process!

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn…

Level 1 – Explore: The Foundations of Raw Chocolate

What we’ll cover:

  • No need to go out and spend money on ingredients and equipment you don’t need… get set up for the entire program, with as little outlay in time and money possible.
  • Make better chocolate by learning the process of chocolate making, bean to bar.
  • Make the process of chocolate much more enjoyable and creative, by creating a distraction-free environment that will feel like your own personal chocolate making oasis.
  • Make sure all of your hard work tempering your chocolate (making it shiny and snappy) doesn’t go to waste… learn which sweeteners to use and how to prepare them.
  • Learn how to get that satisfying ‘snap’ to your chocolate… you’ll learn several methods for tempering that will make your chocolate shiny, snappy and stable at room temperature.

Level 2 – Develop: Creativity with Chocolate

What we’ll cover:

  • Be free of needing to use other people’s recipes! Follow along with Amy’s creative process (developed over 15 years) so you can instantly start to come up with your own recipes.
  • Learn to create unique aromas and textures in chocolate, by flavouring or candying ingredients, such as buckwheat, seeds and others.
  • Learn about the perfect garnishes for truffles and pralines. Amy will show you a handful of ways to use nuts to garnish and to add texture and flavour.
  • Learn to create beautifully finished chocolates by layering colours, splatter effects, marbling and more.
  • Learn how to colour your chocolates for spectacular, eye-catching and impressive results. Once you learn how to do this, the only limit is your imagination.

Level 3 – Savour: Enhancing The Chocolate Experience

What we’ll cover:

  • Take the first steps to developing your very own soft centre chocolate recipes. To get you started, we’ll have you follow the five praline recipes, from Gingerbread Spice to Strawberry Rose.
  • Discover how to start creating dozens of unique bonbon recipes. Amy will get you started with seven different recipes ranging from madras curry to raspberry violet.
  • Rediscover your childhood with healthy versions of your favourites, such as After Eights. Then we’ll let creativity take over, developing recipes such as Passion Fruit, Ginger Creams and other soft sugar cream centres.

Level 4 – Art: The Chocolatier’s Canvas

What we’ll cover:

  • Learn how to add fresh elements to your chocolate (think chocolate and raspberry) with jams. Not only will jam be standalone fillings, but you’ll be able to use them as garnishes and accompaniments.
  • How to make perfect filled chocolates, ganache tarts and truffles by learning proven recipes for soft or hard ganache chocolate.
  • Take your chocolate making to a new level with ‘chocolate work’ (we like to refer to it as organised play time). This means you’ll be able to make items such as bubble chocolate, chocolate bowls, or chocolate cigarettes.

Ros Milligan

I took Amy’s course in 2012 as a treat to myself, after being left some money. I wanted to be able to make raw chocolate for my family, as I wasn’t impressed with the raw chocolate on the market.

It all seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but with Amy’s base recipes I started getting creative with different colours and flavours and ended up creating my own recipes and making truffles for friends as well as my family.

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

One-Time Payment

  • 124 HD videos
  • 114 PDF recipes & worksheets
  • Ask questions in each lesson
  • Member Forums
  • Live Q&As
  • Lifetime Access

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

Payment Plan
$37 x 3

  • 124 HD videos
  • 114 PDF recipes & worksheets
  • Ask questions in each lesson
  • Member Forums
  • Live Q&As
  • Lifetime Access
All of my online courses are delivered via The Raw Chef.  So when you purchase, you’ll be taken to to complete your order.
I chose The Raw Chef because they’re so customer focused and have vast experience in delivering online classes.

Sabrina Swayder

I just wanted to make chocolate so badly. My fascination with it beyond just loving the taste, was when I read about the mystical qualities of the raw fresh cacao straight from the pod.

Before The Raw Chocolatier course, I’d tried to make a few batches without knowing anything about tempering or right ingredients, which was frustrating and disheartening to say the least.

Finally I found The Raw Chocolatier online and wow… learning about tempering was like learning a hidden secret! Having the chocolate pop crisply out of the molds was so exciting!

Exclusive Bonuses to Help You Become The Best Raw Chocolatier

Bonus #1 – eBook: How to get Started Making Raw Chocolate at Home (Value $10)

What is Raw Chocolate? This book is all about the very basics of raw chocolate and gives you a gentle introduction of how to work with it using Amy’s simple methods.

In these 38 pages, you will learn to create fantastic raw chocolate that will surprise your friends and family alike and you’ll be well informed as to what raw chocolate is, how it’s made and how to make it at home, all by yourself!

The recipes in this book have all been created around using the base dark chocolate recipe (given in this book) in a variety of ways. It shows you how versatile raw chocolate can be and how simple it is to create delicious, and beautifully presented, little treats.

How to Get Started Making Raw Chocolate at Home covers the following:

  • The what’s, why’s and how’s of raw chocolate
  • Simple, fool proof tempering
  • Chocolate moulds explained
  • Base dark chocolate recipe
  • Using simple ingredients to create texture, flavour and aroma in your chocolate
  • Eleven recipes all using the basic dark chocolate
  • Three pages of troubleshooting and FAQ

eBook: A Passion For Raw Chocolate (Value $20)

A Passion for Raw Chocolate is the most comprehensive and well thought out raw chocolate book on the market today. It’s contents are sure to change the way raw chocolate is produced, both domestically and professionally, the world over. A Passion for Raw Chocolate brings you 58 pages of sensual chocolate heaven, covering the fundamentals of precise and professional raw chocolate making and outlines the following topics, techniques and principles:

  • Tempering – explains the tempering process, various ways to temper and why tempering is a crucial part of chocolate making
  • Chocolate moulds – the different types, how to use them, how to care for them and where to buy them
  • Base recipes for white, “milk”, dark and “pure” (using nibs) chocolate – all dairy free
  • Sweetener chart of all sweeteners to use in raw chocolate and in what amounts
  • How to make coloured chocolate and explanation of various decorating methods
  • Amy’s “Signature” Chocolate recipes
  • Creating and using textures and aroma to create truly unique raw chocolates
  • Troubleshooting section of FAQ’s on tempering and general chocolate making
  • Links page to help you find everything you require to get started; moulds, ingredients, equipment and inspiration
  • Carefully sourced nutrition information written by Emma Mihill, Naturopath and Iridologist.

Our 30 Day Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate, we offer a 30 day prompt and courteous refund guarantee.

Let me tell you why.

Amy is a professional chef, a consultant to some of the most well known raw chocolate companies, and has dedicated her career to raw chocolate and desserts.

This means Amy’s recipes always work: they not only look good but taste great too. Past and current students have said, “I love Amy’s passion and down to earth teaching style!”

As you get into these lessons, you’re going to see that in action, and just how easy and FUN it is to make delicious raw chocolates at home.

We’ve put a huge amount of time attention into these courses to make sure that’s the way it is. There’s just nothing else out there like this.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE these courses, just drop us an email within 30 days (you can reply to any of our emails, or write to [email protected]) for that prompt and courteous refund.

So there’s no risk in trying us out if you’ve been thinking learning how to make raw chocolate: Join the courses and see for yourself.

What previous students are saying…

Petra Kovač

Due to my lifestyle and health problems, I was searching for healthy treats, and chocolate in particular. Since I was not happy with other available chocolate courses, I searched and found Amy.

I bought The Raw Chocolatier course online and a whole new world opened to me.

In the beginning when trying new recipes I was scared. But Amy’s support in the course, plus the support of the Facebook Group has been so helpful. I’m so happy with the chocolate I’m making now!

Susan Frisby

Before I learned to temper my chocolate, I thought my product was pretty good and I got a lot of positive feedback from customers of my Chocomama business.

However taking your online course, Amy, took my chocolate to a whole new level that I was really pleased about. I was able to produce professional bars that looked great, tasted delicious and continually got the thumbs up.