Learn How to Make Raw Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections


This course is designed to take your chocolate making to the next level

Whether you have learned how to make and work with chocolate in my Fundamentals course or elsewhere, that’s all the knowledge you’ll need before diving into this course.

Chocolate is incredibly versatile and an awesome vessel for other delicious and delectable fillings and layers. It can be made into thin shells and filled with praline, waterless ganache and creams. Or used to coat multi layered candy bars, pretzels, meltaways, orange creamsicle mallomars and much, much more.

In this course we delve deeper into working with chocolate and understanding it better. There’s a full module on making filled chocolate shells. This alone will advance your skill set exponentially. The more practice and experience you have working with chocolate, the more you can do with it.

This course is more technical and multifaceted than the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate course. It’s not just about flavour combinations, it’s also about texture combinations and visual layering. When you start combining pastry and chocolate, some new rules apply and so much more possibility opens up.

Technical Skills that Lead to Creative Inspiration

This online course is designed for those who have a passion for making stunning, healthy chocolate and desserts, from scratch.

This class is full of “next steps”, new tips and tricks to working with chocolate and ways of combining crunchy, gooey and crispy to create incredible chocolates.

This is not a beginner class, but it is suitable for passionate home cooks at any level and professional chefs alike. If you are a complete beginner, you’d be better served by Amy’s Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate course. That being said, each recipe is taught in great detail for you to follow.

Learn how to create a variety of biscuit and wafer bases for candy bars, construct multi layered “Bombs”, classic confections and melt in your mouth truffles, pralines and meltaways.

We use both professional chocolate moulds and free form techniques, get into flavour profiles, assembly methods and garnishing techniques to offer you a full scope of learning.

Raw Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections

Your Teacher

The entire course is taught by me, the World’s Leading Raw Chocolatier.

I’m a professional chef, a consultant to some of the most well known raw chocolate companies, and have dedicated my career to raw chocolate and desserts.

My recipes always work: they not only look good but taste great too.

  • All of your questions answered
    As you’re going through the course you’ll find yourself having all of your questions answered by me as I walk you through the process on video. If you have any extra questions after watching each video, you’ll be able to ask it right there in the lesson, to be answered by myself or one of my trained Pastry Chef assistants.
  • Lifetime access to this version of the course
    When you become a Raw Chocolatier student, you’ll have lifetime access to this version of the course. It’s helpful to have a course that you can work through at your at your own pace and refer back to whenever needed. That way you don’t need to feel pressure about getting things completed by a certain date.
  • Support in the Member Forums
    My style of teaching is easy to follow and foolproof. All you have to do is follow along with the video, download the simple PDF recipe, and you’re on your way. As well as being able to ask questions within the course, we have Member Forums where you can ask questions of your fellow students (and share your successes). You’ll also be inspired by others’ creativity and success.
  • A fun experience!
    My passion and down to earth teaching style… will guide you easily through the process!

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn…

Module 1: Filled Chocolates

What we’ll cover:

  • Shiny Finish. Learn how to make filled chocolate shells using polycarbonate professional chocolate moulds.
  • Shelling. Casting a thin chocolate shell on a mould is a technique that can be applied to chocolate bars and bonbons alike. Shelling is an important skill to master as you build your chocolate skills.
  • Fillings upon fillings! The possibilities are endless when it comes to filling those beautiful shells. In this course I’ll teach you how to make and fill them with nut and seed pralines, waterless ganache and creams.
  • Capping. This is how you seal the chocolate after filling and it’s a vital step to learn. Get a tight seal on those chocolates every time.

Module 2: Candy Bars

What we’ll cover:

  • Layers. Candy bars are all about layers of flavour and texture. Build the perfect candy bar.
  • Texture. Biscuits, wafers, caramel, praline, candied nuts and more…. These bars are no joke!
  • Style. Think KitKat, Snickers and Almond Joy style bars, but with new and different flavours that will inspire you and expand your creativity.
  • Forming. We use a mix of moulded and free form techniques for making a variety of chocolate bars.

Module 3: The Bombs

What we’ll cover:

  • Surprise. From the outside they look like a simple bonbon or truffle, but once you get inside, they are layer upon layer of yumminess.
  • Classic and Modern. From Peanut Butter & Jam and Mint Chocolate to Raspberry Ginger Brownie and Triple Tahini these bombs will inspire your own creativity!
  • Finishing Touches. Each bomb is finished a little differently, making each one unique and teaching you an array of techniques and skills.

Module 4: Truffles

What we’ll cover:

  • Melt in your mouth. A good truffle melts in your mouth like butter. In this module you learn how to make a classic liquid based ganache and Amy’s signature “meltaways”.
  • Flavour Pairing. We take it to the next level of flavour pairing in this module with pairings like Coconut & Rose, Marmite & Black Currant and Sambuca Fennel.
  • Enrobing. Keep on practicing those skills! Enrobing, or dipping, is a skill that you’ll use over and over in chocolate making. We enrobe and garnish these beautifully.

Module 5: Confections

What we’ll cover:

  • All Time Classics! Like Chocolate covered Peanut Pretzels, Orange Creamsicle Mallomars and some of Amy’s signature creations like Hot Fluff and Nutella Bites.
  • Expanding. These recipes will expand you from strictly chocolate making into some areas of raw baking. Building your versatility as a chocolatier.
  • Keep on. These base recipes and techniques will support you in creating your own signature confections. Take those childhood classics you loved and transform them into healthy, beautiful treats of your own design.
  • Versatility. This module will show you how versatile chocolate is and how, when you understand how to work with it, you can apply it to so many different areas of dessert making.

Ros Milligan

I took Amy’s course in 2012 as a treat to myself, after being left some money. I wanted to be able to make raw chocolate for my family, as I wasn’t impressed with the raw chocolate on the market.

It all seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but with Amy’s base recipes I started getting creative with different colours and flavours and ended up creating my own recipes and making truffles for friends as well as my family.

Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections

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Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections

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  • 38 HD videos
  • 35 PDF recipes & worksheets
  • Ask questions in each lesson
  • Member Forums
  • Live Q&As
  • Lifetime Access
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Sabrina Swayder

I just wanted to make chocolate so badly. My fascination with it beyond just loving the taste, was when I read about the mystical qualities of the raw fresh cacao straight from the pod.

Before The Raw Chocolatier course, I’d tried to make a few batches without knowing anything about tempering or right ingredients, which was frustrating and disheartening to say the least.

Finally I found The Raw Chocolatier online and wow… learning about tempering was like learning a hidden secret! Having the chocolate pop crisply out of the molds was so exciting!

Our 30 Day Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE Candy Bars, Truffles & Confections, we offer a 30 day prompt and courteous refund guarantee.

Let me tell you why.

Amy is a professional chef, a consultant to some of the most well known raw chocolate companies, and has dedicated her career to raw chocolate and desserts.

This means Amy’s recipes always work: they not only look good but taste great too. Past and current students have said, “I love Amy’s passion and down to earth teaching style!”

As you get into these lessons, you’re going to see that in action, and just how easy and FUN it is to make delicious raw chocolates at home.

We’ve put a huge amount of time attention into these courses to make sure that’s the way it is. There’s just nothing else out there like this.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE these courses, just drop us an email within 30 days (you can reply to any of our emails, or write to [email protected]) for that prompt and courteous refund.

So there’s no risk in trying us out if you’ve been thinking learning how to make raw chocolate: Join the courses and see for yourself.

What previous students are saying…

Petra Kovač

Due to my lifestyle and health problems, I was searching for healthy treats, and chocolate in particular. Since I was not happy with other available chocolate courses, I searched and found Amy.

I bought The Raw Chocolatier course online and a whole new world opened to me.

In the beginning when trying new recipes I was scared. But Amy’s support in the course, plus the support of the Facebook Group has been so helpful. I’m so happy with the chocolate I’m making now!

Susan Frisby

Before I learned to temper my chocolate, I thought my product was pretty good and I got a lot of positive feedback from customers of my Chocomama business.

However taking your online course, Amy, took my chocolate to a whole new level that I was really pleased about. I was able to produce professional bars that looked great, tasted delicious and continually got the thumbs up.