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6 piece box – 78g

— Chocolate is sensitive to heat, if you live in a warm climate (over 26c) we’d recommend ordering when your temps drop. — 



The Cut 

Chocolate Caramel & Raspberry

Stone Ground Peruvian dark chocolate shell filled with a sweet, creamy chocolate caramel and a vibrant white chocolate raspberry disc.

Coffee Date & Cardamom Bonbon:

Stone Ground Peruvian dark chocolate shell filled with a creamy ‘milk’ chocolate coffee praline and medjool date & cardamom jam.

Salted Caramel & Roasted Almond 

Stone Ground Peruvian dark chocolate shell filled with a dark chocolate roasted almond praline and silky smooth, gooey caramel… with a touch of sea salt.

Black Currant & Hazelnut 

Stone Ground Peruvian dark chocolate shell filled with a ‘milk’ chocolate roasted hazelnut & black currant praline and a white chocolate black currant disc. Black currant and hazelnut is a staple flavour combo in Norwegian countries. Shout out to my Norwegian customers 🙂

We might look different, but we’re all the same inside

Part of my love for making bonbons is playing with the designs. You may have multiple designs in your box, but they’re all the same filling.

Hand painted bonbons

These bonbons are hand painted using naturally coloured (not raw) cocoa butters. If you’d like more information on these products, click here and here.

Flavour Extracts 

We use only the best flavour extracts from Medicine Flower. They are 100% pure and natural. Click here to learn more about them – we use the Gold and Silver lines. 


Black Currant & Hazelnut

Cacao paste, coconut sugar, cacao butter, deodorised coconut oil, raw cane sugar, freeze dried black currants, almond, hazelnuts, sea salt and medicine flower extracts (vanilla and black currant)

Chocolate Caramel & Raspberry Bonbon:

Cacao paste, coconut sugar, cacao butter, deodorized coconut oil, raw cane sugar, freeze dried raspberries, oatly cream, tamari, sea salt and medicine flower extracts

Salted Caramel & Roasted Almond Bonbon:

Cacao paste, coconut sugar, cacao butter, oatly non-dairy creamer, roasted almonds, sea salt, tamari and medicine flower extracts.

Coffee, Date & Cardamom Bonbon:

Cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut sugar, tiger nuts, blanched almonds, hazelnuts, coffee beans, maple syrup, medjool dates, cardamom powder, cardamom essential oil, medicine flower extracts (butterscotch and vanilla) sea salt and tamari.

(may contains traces of sesame)

Caring for your bonbons

It’s best to store them at a room temp of 18c-23c and enjoy within 4-6 weeks. If your room temp exceeds 18c-23c, store in an airtight container in the fridge.

These bonbons will be softer at room temp and firm from the fridge. Either way, they’re equally delicious.


We are happy to offer worldwide shipping. You’ll see that we only offer tracked shipping options. This is to ensure your bonbons get to you in good time and in great condition.

5 reviews for Bonbons

  1. Irma Goder (verified owner)

    The best bonbons I have had. I make my own chocolate, learn from Amy, but had to try her bonbons. I had almond brownie and that was my very favourate and coffee cardamom again beautiful in every way ( I am a fussy chocoholic, very few chocolates made me say wow and Amy’s did ) thank you for creating wonderful chocolates !

    • amylevin

      I’m very happy to hear you liked them so much. High praise indeed. 🙂

  2. katinka.burmester (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the chocolates – OMG unbelievably scrumptious and utterly beautiful to look at! I attended two of Amy’s live classes a few years ago and was beyond excited when she announced that she would be launching her own line of bonbons. Knowing the quality of ingredients that she uses and her intricate detail – I don’t think I’ve been so excited to see the postman in a long time! Thank you so so much!

  3. Info (verified owner)

    I was so excited to hear that Amy was launching her own line of bonbons especially as I have so enjoyed both online and in person classes with her and am always so blown away by her amazing flavour combinations and intricate recipes that she creates. It was such a treat to have these scrumptious chocolates (I ordered the Coffee Cardamom ones) .. my husband is very lucky that I allowed him to share one or two .. they are awesome! Thank you so much for brightening up our week!

  4. Jack Ralph (verified owner)

    Beautiful chocolates with a real depth of flavour to them, so much going on yet everything seems to be balanced 🙂

  5. Kelly Holden (verified owner)

    I’ve waited such a long time for Amy to start selling her amazing chocolates! Ordered 2 boxes of the Almond Brownie Bonbons – 1 for me and 1 for a friend. The 2nd box didn’t quite make it to the friend (!) Then I ordered several boxes of the Coffee & Cardamon Bonbons – They arrived mid-morning and I’d eaten 4 before lunch! I don’t really like chocolate, but will always make an exception with Amy’s! – they’re second to none and I love her skills at putting together amazing flavour combinations.

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