Raw Cakes Masterclass

Beginners and Intermediate

Wow your family and friends with delicious home made, healthy cakes that are raw, vegan, gluten/wheat/dairy and refined sugar free.

Date: 8th June 2019
Time: 11am – 3pm
Price: £150
Location: Oval, London


Raw baking works along the same principles as cooked; you use the same key ingredients in varied balance to achieve specific results. Be that cakes and pies or cookies and doughnuts. It’s all about knowing the balance of ingredients and how to re-arrange them to meet your needs.

As the world becomes more health conscious, many of us are steering away from gluten and wheat products. Raw cakes are becoming more and more popular as the “alternate” birthday or wedding cake. However, it always surprises me that most people think raw cakes are really hard to make.

I get it, we’ve all been to that cafe and ordered that raw cake that was too sweet, too heavy, too gooey (or dry) where the flavours are just over the top.

The reality is raw cakes are easy to make because they are more forgiving than cooked cakes. Raw cake making is not as much of a science as cooked cakes, if it’s too soft, you add more dry stuff, if it’s too hard you add more wet stuff, if it doesn’t set solid enough you can adjust it there and then without much consequence. Those things cannot be said of cooked cakes.

The trick to mastering raw cake making is knowing what to add when and how to adjust the recipes accordingly. Once you have this information, you’re really unstoppable!

That’s why this class is about educating you on the fundamental core ingredients so you can better understand how they work together in various ways to create different results. This class is perfect for absolute beginners and avid bakers alike.

Raw cake making and decorating – made easy!

  • Learn which ingredients can replace the classic flour, butter and sugar in traditional baking and why. There’s so much to choose on the market but only a few of them will make your raw cake moist and consistent.
  • Don’t waste money on buying expensive equipment you’ll only use once. I’ll cover the essential equipment needed for raw “baking” — with plenty of price options included.
  • Add crunch, flavour and texture your raw cakes by adding candied nuts, seeds and coconut. Not only do they work as beautiful garnishes but adding texture makes your cakes addictively moreish.
  • In terms of cake vanity, it’s all about the frosting! I’ll go through different nut and nut-free based frostings and icings. From a decorating perspective, there are pros and cons to both. I’ll teach you how to get the consistency right.
  • Save a load of money by creating your own stunning cakes for special occasions.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of raw cake making to avoid simple mistakes at home.
  • Meet and mingle with like minded people having conversations that captivate, inform and inspire you towards great health.

Because most of us are practical learners, my classes are as hands on as possible.

I will work through the basics of raw cake making, so you understand how the ingredients work (and don’t work) and what proportions you should use (this is essential!).

If you’re an absolute beginner, you will leave the class equipped with several base recipes that will act as a starting point for dozens of cakes. You’ll be able to mix and match cakes with icings, make them into single or multi layered cakes and add unique, delicious garnishes to make them pop visually and add complexity of flavour to each bite.

If you’ve been experimenting with raw desserts and cakes for a while and want to get some practical advice and troubleshoot any issues you’ve had in the past, this class will give you the opportunity to get all your questions answered and get you hands on with the new techniques in class so you can start building your cupboard with the right ingredients and tools to get going once you’re home.

On the day we will make 3 cakes using different techniques in each one such as multi-layer cake, birthday cake, fermented cheesecake and a decorative cake ( like the checkerboard cake pictured on this page).

All cakes will be decorated on the outside using a range of techniques and you’ll take home (or enjoy in class) a piece of each cake.

To make sure you remember it all at home, upon booking your space, you’ll be sent a pdf of the class book with all recipes and techniques you’ll learn on the day.

Your course is not just an introduction to raw cake making, but also to a community of passionate raw chocolatiers which will support you long after the course is completed.

Recipes and techniques you’ll learn:

  • Creating multiple cake bases from various types of ingredients, some more nut based and some grain base ( gluten & wheat free ).
  • How to ferment nuts to make a delicious and nutritionally enhanced cheesecake filling or frosting for your cakes.
  • Decorating and garnishing techniques to make your cakes and pies stand out on social media, but, more importantly, to impress your friends and family so they want to dig in!
  • We’ll touch on enrobing using chocolate so that you can add an extra level of awesomness to finish your cakes.
  • At least two of the cakes will be made an mini, individual cakes so that you get to assemble and decorate your own cake to take away with you.
  • How to make multi layered raw cakes which can double as impressive birthday or wedding cakes.

Staying connected and troubleshooting your raw cake making

After the class, I encourage my students to stay connected. It’s a wonderful way to stay inspired and see what others are making and get new ideas.

By taking the class, you will be invited to join my private “Raw Cakes Masterclass” Facebook group; a community for my students, many of whom have gone on to create chocolate commercially. You can post questions or comments here, and in time help others too!


Just kidding, there isn’t any. However, to get the most out of the class I suggest you research “raw food”,  “raw crackers”, “raw cakes” online or buying some basic raw food books so that you are familiar with basic methods of raw preparation including using a high speed blender, dehydrator and soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds. This will help you to understand some of the content of the class better, but this is definitely not essential as all questions that arise during the class will be addressed there and then.

BONUS: Once you complete this class, you will be given a discount on my Desserts At Home Course

You will be given a code (good for a lifetime), giving you the course for 40% off the normal price. This means that you will have items from the class, and much more, at your finger tips forever.

So, if you forget something from the class, you will have the online videos to refer to, amazing!

Kind words from our friends

Working in the industry and the huge surge in food intolerances, allergies and required diets, with Amy’s help I can face any challenge with a grin and think, “What would Amy do?”

Sammy Tranger

Having Amy’s raw chocolate courses on therawchef.com makes me so proud. Our students love learning about raw chocolate from Amy, because she’s so knowledgeable and methodical.

Russell James“The Raw Chef”, London UK

Amy is an inspiring teacher and someone who pushes raw culinary artistry to the edge. Her sophisticated chocolates and elegant desserts were the cornerstone at all SAF restaurants during their opening years.

Chad SarnoChef, Consultant & Speaker

I love Amy’s recipes, she is always creating and sharing so openly with all of us. What’s a plus, she actually uses weight measurements (thanks, Amy)!

Monika WackeFounder Schoccolatta, Switzerland

Amy Levin is a very knowledgeable and enterprising professional chef and culinary artist, whose creativity, organisational skills and teaching abilities are remarkable.

Amy WebsterFounder of Simply Raw, Zurich Switzerland

Just like becoming an expert in wine–you learn by drinking it, the best you can afford–you learn
about great food by finding the best there is, whether simply or luxurious. The you savor it,
analyze it, and discuss it with your companions, and you compare it with other experiences.”

Julia Child

Frequently asked questions

I've never made raw cakes before, is this class suitable for me?

Absolutely! All my classes are suited to beginners and more advanced students alike. This class will teach you which ingredients to use and how to combine them for the best results.

What equipment do I need at home to make the cakes from this class?

In an ideal world, you’d have a Vitamix ( or other high speed blender with a tamper stick ) and a food processor. However, a Nutri bullet and a mini food processor will do the trick for starting out. You can then upgrade down the line if you’d like to.

I have a nut allergy, is this class suitable?

Yes! We do use nuts in the class, but there are recipes in the class book that are nut free ( cake bases and frostings alike ). If you are highly allergic, you might consider booking a private class with me so we can focus on using only ingredients that suit you.