Caramel Candy Bars

Intermediate & Advanced

It’s recommended that you know how to work with and temper chocolate before taking this class. 

11am - 2pm U.K

Marlborough, Wiltshire


13th August 2022


11th September 2022


23rd October 2022


27th November 2022


4th December 2022


Want To Make Beautifully Designed Candy Bars? 

Learn how to re-create your favourite childhood candy bars and develop new,
“adult” candy bars with the base recipes and techniques taught in this class.

Ready to make incredible candy bars that are healthy?

This class is more technical and multi faceted than the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate class. It will open your mind and expand your creativity by teaching you new skills and chocolate techniques.

It’s not just about flavour combinations, it’s also about texture combinations and visual layering.

When you start combining pastry and chocolate, some new rules apply and so much more possibility opens up.

This class is full of “next steps”, new tips and tricks to working with chocolate and ways of combining crunchy, gooey and crispy to create incredible chocolates.

What you’ll learn in this class …

Maple Pecan Candy Bars
with stone ground milk pecan praline, maple caramel and maca cinnamon cookie dough

For these bars, I wanted to create something multi-layered, but using methods that are really simple. I wanted the flavours and textures to stand out so the bars would be unforgettable, impactful. So, for this first bar, we have a classic flavour combo; pecan and maple. To make it stand out a little more, I added in maca as a flavour to bring depth and intrigue. Alongside that we have cinnamon which pairs well with all elements of this bar. The real stand out on both bars is the gooey caramel centre – the surprise of this element when it’s eaten is part of the pure joy of this bar.

Chocolate Walnut Candy Bar
with chocolate orange caramel, walnut praline and boozy prune cookie dough

The element I started with on these bars was the boozy prune cookie dough element. I discovered this a few months back and was waiting to see where to might feature in my work. After testing it, and making some flavour adjustments, it clearly stood out as a winner for Autumn and Christmas time. With that in mind, I set about creating the other layers; walnut pairs really nicely with prune, dark rum, orange and chocolate. And so, it came together into this unique, utterly moreish Autumnal candy bar.

Staying connected and troubleshooting your chocolate

  • After the class, I encourage my students to stay connected.
  • You’ll be invited to join my private “Raw Chocolate at Home”
    Facebook group; a community for my students, many of whom have gone on to create chocolate commercially.
  • You can post questions or comments here, and in time help others too!