Advanced Raw Pastry

In order to attend this class you’ll need to do one of the following — attend my live Raw Cakes Masterclass, complete the cakes and pies sections of my online Raw Desserts Course or complete assigned homework from Amy prior to the class.

Learn how to create desserts that are works of art, both to the taste buds and the eyes.

Date: 19th May 2019
Time: 11am – 3pm
Price: £195
Location: Oval, London


This class is designed to help students take their raw cake and dessert skills to the next level. These classes focus on applying modern pastry techniques to healthy ingredients and methods.

This course brings together raw baking, cakes and chocolate into one in depth class. It will help you understand how to take the base recipes you already know and love from my other courses and apply them all in one dessert.

Each dessert made in class has several components that are assembled using a mix of free form techniques and modern pastry moulds and methods. One of the two desserts made in each class will be finished with chocolate decorations made in class. These will be different from the decorations we make in the Advanced Raw Chocolate course.

Technical skills that lead to creative inspiration

  • This 4 hour masterclass is designed for those who have a passion for making stunning, healthy desserts and who have been working with raw desserts and chocolate for some time.
  • Learn how to use the new, modern moulds/forms you see circulating on social media and the gorgeous desserts they create.
  • This class is suitable for passionate home cooks and professional chefs alike.
  • Make beautifully finished tart shells using composite ring moulds and “baking” them in the dehydrator.
  • Learn how to construct a multi layered dessert from the planning stages — including flavour and texture combining as well as planning the layers of each dessert – through to completion.
  • We will use many base recipes taught in my live and online courses so that we can focus on the creative development of the desserts rather than the individual recipes themselves.
  • In each class we will create 2 desserts that are entirely different from each other — using different moulds/forms, flavour profiles, assembly methods and garnishing techniques to offer you a full scope of learning.
  • Each student will take home the dessert they collaboratively make and finish on the day.

Because most of us are practical learners, this class is as hands on as possible, about 60%.

To make sure you remember it all at home, after class you’ll be sent a pdf of the class book with all recipes and techniques you’ll learn on the day.

You’ll take home one of each cake made on the day to enjoy (show off) to friends and family… If you decide to share.

Kind words from our friends

Working in the industry and the huge surge in food intolerances, allergies and required diets, with Amy’s help I can face any challenge with a grin and think, “What would Amy do?”

Sammy TrangerProfessional Vegan Chef, New York USA

Having Amy’s raw chocolate courses on makes me so proud. Our students love learning about raw chocolate from Amy, because she’s so knowledgeable and methodical.

Russell James“The Raw Chef”, London UK

Amy is an inspiring teacher and someone who pushes raw culinary artistry to the edge. Her sophisticated chocolates and elegant desserts were the cornerstone at all SAF restaurants during their opening years.

Chad SarnoChef, Consultant & Speaker

I love Amy’s recipes, she is always creating and sharing so openly with all of us. What’s a plus, she actually uses weight measurements (thanks, Amy)!

Monika WackeFounder Schoccolatta, Switzerland

Amy Levin is a very knowledgeable and enterprising professional chef and culinary artist, whose creativity, organisational skills and teaching abilities are remarkable.

Amy WebsterFounder of Simply Raw, Zurich Switzerland

Frequently asked questions

I've not taken any of your online or live classes, can I still attend this class?

Yes, you can. You will be emailed assignments to complete prior to the class.

Will we make our our cakes at individual work stations?

This is a hands on class, but not with individual work stations. We all work together at a central work station and you take home one each of the cakes made and finished by you on the day.

I work in a restaurant, will I be able to apply what I learn to my work?

You can certainly make desserts like this in a professional kitchen. It may require you/your employer purchasing the necessary tools.