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How to Temper Chocolate

By 14/10/2019June 6th, 2020No Comments

Tempering chocolate is what gives it the classic snap and shine that we associate with an awesome chocolate bar. Chocolate has different crystal formations within it and when we temper it those crystals form in a way that makes the chocolate more stable and much more enjoyable to eat. You can use this method for my Dark, Pure and White chocolates. Untempered chocolate is dull, soft and waxy (sometimes) in consistency. Check this video out and give it a go. This is the simplest method, but you can learn the full method on my online course once you’re ready to dive in.

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How to Temper Chocolate


Mixing bowl Method

  • Pour the chocolate into a large mixing bowl and keep it in constant motion. You can swirl it up the sides of the bowl, but make sure you keep scraping the chocolate from the sides back into the bowl so it all tempers evenly.
  • Using a large bowl will help the chocolate temper faster as it has more surface area to cover and can cool faster.
  • It’s best to use a stainless steel bowl as they don’t retain the heat of the chocolate like glass will.

Table Top Method

  • Once you bring the chocolate to 42°C / 107°F, you then pour the contents of the jug onto a clean, dry, stainless steel or marble surface and keep it in motion by using two spatulas or bench scrapers.


Rate This Recipe
4.12 from 9 votes

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